Very popular and high demand in malls, retail shops, buildings and homes, wood plank ceramic tiles are simply gorgeous and natural looking at less the price of hardwood flooring. They have combined the durability of ceramic tiles and the beauty of wood with their rich color ranging from light oak to dark mahogany and have remained an excellent choice for any floor and wall applications.

What Makes Wood Plank Ceramic Tiles Special?

Wood PlankWe supply a wide range of options from light to dark colors, including washed-out whites and light grays and effects including contemporary, plank effect or herringbone effect.  Nothing is quite like wood plank ceramic tiles that look like real wood, and yet, they come at very affordable price ranges, depending on requirements for outdoor, commercial and residential applications and on color, design, finish, whether non-glazed, textured or glazed finish.

Our wood plank ceramic tiles offer you a fantastic option to bring out the best in your property because you can opt from a wide selection and collection of rustic, contemporary, decorative and authentic looking wood finishes! The choice is yours.

Designers and homeowners choose us for supplying them with high quality wood plank ceramic tiles for the laundry area, study area and bathroom area and present them lightweight option and cost-effective solution with our little maintenance tile products for sale.

Aside from wood plank ceramic tiles being affordable, they possess the same durability of porcelain tile while emulating the real beauty of wood that comes in earthy tones, elegant look of hardwood and natural looking effect perfect for any internal or external areas. Because of high resistance against moisture, wear and tear, these tiles keep their finishes beautiful and popular through the years!

Be Creative With Ceramic Tiles!

DesignerAs wood plank ceramic tiles normally come in rectangular shape which replicates the exact form of real wood plank, it can be arranged in many ways to create unique patterns even with the same type of tiles. They can be installed in simple straight lay pattern where the grout lines all line up or it can be staggered or placed diagonally, keeping them very interesting, well-blended with furnishings and non-compromising with aged effect for the living room, dining area, garden and any special room in your house or office.

The versatility of plank wood ceramic tiles paired with rectified edges can become a great choice for countertops while the lighter colors add life, especially in open, light filled spaces with their visual wood grain effect, look and texture.

With us, you can also select plank wood ceramic tiles with realistic wood grain effect, distressed look, contemporary or traditional appeal. With that in mind, you can bring out your home’s natural look for a guaranteed added life into any room to impress your family and friends.

Where to Install Wood Plank Ceramic Tiles

∗ ‎Modern or traditional homes

Building walkways and high foot traffic areas like food court and shopping complex

∗ Moisture prone areas, such as kitchen backsplash, kitchen floor and bathroom walls

∗ Outdoor spaces such as patios, gardens and other exterior areas

∗ Choice area

For whatever style, design, color, texture, pattern or shape of wood plank ceramic tiles you may need for remodeling or building a home, building, office or outdoor area, call us anytime and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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