Some interior and exterior designs call for the warm and vintage character exclusively provided by wood. Wood, however, has shorter serviceable life span because of its low resistance to moisture and abrasion. It is also prone to damages brought about by termites and parasites. In the long run, wood is a luxurious choice both in its look and price.

Wide Array of Choices

Wood GrainFortunately, new technologies have made it possible to integrate the quiet elegance of wood into ceramic and porcelain tiles. As a result, we have tiles that are hard-wearing and resistant to moisture, stains and scratches, with the unique look of wood. They are available in great variety to suit every design concept – from hardwood to plank and wood grain collections.

With modern digital printing technology, wood grain ceramic tiles emulate any conceivable type of wood – pecan, walnut, oak, elm, alpine and even aged barrel wood. Depending on their PEI rating, they can be used for a variety of applications, including floor, wall and other surface coverings. These products are manufactured in various colours, tones and shades – whitewash, ash, cream, beige, grey, brown, tan. They can even be made to mimic distressed or weathered wood, and given a hand-scraped texture or matte finish.  Dark shades exude more warmth to a room, while light shades enhance spaciousness.

IMG_4620As flooring material, wood grain tiles are the best choices for decks and patios because they do not only complete the aesthetic appeal of wood on an outdoor area, but also have the toughness to withstand the elements and heavy foot traffic. This material is incorporated in designs traditionally constructed of hard wood – such as decks, patio, barbecue area, bedroom flooring, and similar installations in a building. The rustic and natural beauty of wood, however, has expanded its use to other indoor and outdoor features, such as pools, pavers, garden installations, backsplash, showers, and especially for projects that are exposed to rain and water.

Latest Trend In Interior Design Industry

Wood Grain_3There had been countless fads in the construction and interior design industry, but wood effect tiles are among the biggest trends that are here to stay. The reasons for this are quite obvious. Wood-grain tiles look utterly like wood; they lower the price without lowering the aesthetic value and beauty of a space; they withstand wear and tear especially in moist places where the use of real wood is impractical; and they provide unimaginably countless choices. The beauty and efficiency they offer are the reasons why ceramic wood-look tiles are popular materials used for the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, bedroom and other areas in the house.

When used on floors that are often wet, such as showers and poolside, the designer must specifically use wood grain ceramic tiles that have anti-slip properties or those with coefficients of friction (COF) of higher than 0.60. For pavements and areas expected to be heavily walked on, ceramic wood tiles with PEI rating of IV or higher must be used. Those with PEI rating of II or lower are specified for wall use only.

Wood-inspired tile collections are common in homes but, because of their low-maintenance and durable nature, they have become very much the trend in offices and commercial establishments, too. They are especially useful in defining areas, such as wood-look tile for the sitting area set in one corner of marble flooring. It can also function like a rug where a piece of equipment or appliance is positioned, such as installing wood-grain flooring where a piano stands on appealingly contrasts with the rest of the floor space. Wood grain tiles are most effective when installed in contrast to its surrounding, such as ebony wood grain tile set adjacent to glass tiles or ashen alpine wood grain tile laid next to natural stone tiles. This will make the wood grain tile’s texture, tone and age stand out.

Our stunningly stylish wood-grain ceramic tiles mimic the warmth and quiet class afforded only by real hardwood, without the problems associated with wood. Check out our collection with a range that encompasses traditional and contemporary styles. Be inspired with limitless choices – from the salvaged look to spanking new finish! Get the luxurious look of authentic wood, the most cost-effective way!

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