Its use in many home design ideas keeps growing because where wood design is appropriate but actual wood is not an ideal material such as the flooring in the bathroom or the kitchen floor, there is one perfect product to use – wood ceramic tiles. They provide the warm look of real wood and the durability of tile, a quality that makes this option cost-effective.

The best solution to have the look of natural wood, it can be used almost anywhere from the living room to the patio, the garden and the backyard. The designs vary – parquet, plank (small or large), dark brown, grey or oak – any desired effect is achievable given the various dimensions they are made available.

Wood Look

∗ Cost-effective

Because they are easy maintenance being moisture-resistance and very durable so much that they are lasting without fading, wood ceramic tiles are a practical choice for both residential and commercial use. The wear-resistant surface would allow its finish to remain for a long while such as wood grain or hard wood.

∗ Practical

There is nothing to worry about wear and tear. Each tile is tough therefore a practical choice for floors that have to look like wood but can stand high traffic or moisture issues that is typical in the surface of kitchens or bathrooms.

IMG_5564∗ Wide array of choices

Ceramic tiles in wood design are offered in many varieties that the choices are seemingly endless. There is vintage for traditional house decorations, hardwood for a more sophisticated appearance or those with anti-slip finish great for nursing homes.

∗ The look of wood with easy maintenance

Patterning floors with the look of wood has never been easier. Have the kind of lifestyle that defines warmth and elegance using ceramic tiles with the inspiration of wood. It is a special approach to home design to match with the furniture whether rustic or modern, contemporary or old.

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