Wood ceramic tile flooring is one of the trends in the flooring industry due to its hardwood and wood grain look and design. With the use of advance technology, ceramic tile that has natural wood effect is chosen for modern and traditional homes and buildings. Today, wood ceramic tiles can be manufactured as a plank or a tile with a rectangular shape. Our wood ceramic tile products look so real to recognize they are not real wood at all. With new precise manufacturing process, we can now mirror the feel and look of wood flooring without you spending big amount of money.

Wood Look Ceramic Tile Flooring Features

Wood Grain_3Durability – Suitable for installation in any area outdoor or indoor, wood porcelain tile flooring perform best with its durable It is solid, stain resistant and wear-resistant to be used for commercial or residential projects and installed in the bathroom or kitchen. Choose wood ceramic tiles – your practical choice for every part of your home or office.

Budget-friendly-planks help you achieve a classic or modern feel without burning a hole in your pocket. No matter what your ideal pattern or texture, we can help you come up with the perfect flooring for exterior or interior

Stylish – Unique for a collection or use as a décor, you will love the distinct characteristic and style of wood ceramic tile that looks real, especially if your place wasn’t suitable for hardwood flooring To make your property even more special, choose from our wide selection in color, size, pattern and finish, to name a few features you love. We offer rustic, modern and traditional collection to fulfill your desires if you want real wood surface but your space does not support its installation.

Easy Maintenance – Practical to install plank flooring keeps up with the trend yet does not require much but only minimal cleaning. It is lasting without fading because of high moisture-resistance properties that give you the ultimate experience and inspiration of beauty that matches your classic or contemporary home.

Ceramic Tile CostBecause it offers anti slip property and resistant against moisture, stain, abrasion and wear and tear, it can be installed in almost all areas, including the kitchen or the bathroom and public spaces, including parks, recreation centers, malls, retail shops and even government offices which received high foot traffic.

Choose from our wide range of wood plank ceramic tile flooring for an unlimited inspiration of any ideal exterior or interior flooring design. Our company offers cost-effective and practical solutions to help you in achieving wood like ceramic tiles for installation in residential and commercial spaces.

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