If you think that white tiles are stark, uninteresting or monotonous, then you can’t be more wrong. White tiles can be stylish, dramatic and interesting with the correct play of texture, shape, tile material and design idea. Here’s an idea: combined with another colour, such as black and white tiles in checker board pattern, you get a classic Victorian look. And that’s not all.

Why you should consider white tiles   

• White floor tiles open up spaces and make narrow floor areas appear wider.

• White wall tiles bring in and reflect light, improving lighting in a room.

• It is easier to decorate a house or rearrange furniture and accessories if the floors and walls were tiled white. Imagine clean white-tiled walls and floors and a bold red vanity.

• Harmonizing with other colours and themes is simpler with white tiles.

• A simple white background makes a décor stand out.

• White tiles have a clean effect, making them the best surface material for kitchens, bathrooms, showers and living spaces.

• White tiles are suitable for offices and other busy areas because the tiles’ clean look simplifies organizing.

White tiles come in various materials

Natural stones, such as travertine and granite, are commonly used to add drama and luxury to a room. The same is achieved when using quartz or marble tiles. With white marble tiles on your wall or floor, you get a very elegant effect. With sparkly and bright white quartz tiles, who says white tiles can’t be stunning? High-gloss glass tiles reflect light and improve illumination. This is often one of the reasons why white glass tiles are popular in bathroom and bedroom designs. White bathroom tiles also often come in ceramics and porcelain. They are either polished or unpolished, and you may choose depending on the purpose for which the tile surface is designed. The finish can be shiny or matt. There are actually so many choices that there’s no reason why white tiles can’t be visually impressive.

White tiles have wide applicability

Porcelain tiles are durable and highly resistant to moisture. Thus, white porcelain tiles are perfect for bathroom, pool, garden and outdoor installations. The classic subway tiles are not only applicable in metro rail stations; they have made their way to kitchen backsplashes and dining areas, as well. Mosaic tiles, on the other hand, are installed especially for surfaces that are not exactly level. They are perfect for sloped flooring or concave walls. White mosaic tiles are often chosen for counters, bathrooms, showers, sinks, swimming pools and landscape features. For these practical and aesthetic reasons, developers often prefer white tiles in their residential and commercial projects.

White tiles have great potentials and we have that showcased in our special white tiles collection. Call us and tell us about your project, so we can show you how committed we are at providing you with the best products that go with your design ideas.

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