It is true that the unique swirls, veins, and color and tone variations in a marble slab make it fascinating. There is something more awe-inspiring, though, in pristine white marble surfaces. These fine-grade and pure white marble blocks are predominantly found in Greece. They are the product of metamorphism of limestone or dolomite with virtually no impurities.

White marble looks stunning as a standalone surface

A wall of all-white marble can never be plain. It will be utterly beautiful with unique striations and the slightest hints or bold lines of grey. As standalone surfaces, white marble will always be as majestic as the Taj Mahal or as magnificent as the Parthenon.

It works with other colors and materials very well

White marble has very minimal striations or lines, and this quality makes it very easy to mix-and-match with other patterns and materials in the interior of residential and commercial projects.

Dramatic patterns can be created when installed with black, red, blue or green marble tiles. As floor tiles, they can be matched with any of these colors to create rugs or personalized spaces.

It can be used for various purposes

This classic stone can be given a honed, polished and tumbled finish to make it suited for various applications. This versatility almost always makes it the perfect choice for many indoor or outdoor spaces.

Polished white marble tiles are ideal for kitchen countertop, wall, tabletop, and backsplash applications. When polished to a high shine, they are easy to clean and can be the most hygienic surfaces in the kitchen. Marble has good heat-resisting quality, too, making it a top pick for kitchen, counter and table surfaces.

Honed and tumbled white marble tiles are perfect as flooring material, as they are textured and they provide a cooling feel to the feet. Honed marble has a satin-like texture to it, and its matte finish prevents slipping accidents from happening. When using white marble floor tiles for surfaces that are oftentimes wet, such as in the bath or shower, it is best to choose honed tiles. Tumbled white marble, on the other hand, features a hard and rough surface that can withstand heavy foot traffic and day-to-day wear. It has a look that’s aged and antique-like but elegant.

White marble has many variations

When nature created white marble, it created various grey striations and depths of white.

Volakas marble tiles come from the quarries between Northern Greece and Bulgaria. They can be cloudy or brilliant white. There is an increasing demand from architects around the world for this white and semi-white stone.

White Carrara marble tiles come from the city of Carrara in Italy. The distinctive characteristic of these white marble tiles is its bluish-grey color with soft and grey linear veins. The Renaissance art masterpiece, Pieta, of Michelangelo was made of the finest Carrara marble. There are several variations of this timeless stone, including the most recognizable Bianco Carrara and the less-veined Carrara Venato.

Calacatta marble is also quarried in the Italian city of Carrara. This marble tends to be whiter than Carrara marble. The veining patterns are fewer than those of the Carrara marble but bolder and more striking. This type of white marble is also rarer than the other white marble types, and is often considered as luxury tiles.

White marble offers uniqueness and long-lasting beauty  

With proper maintenance and care taken against stains, acids, scrapes and scratches, marble can last for generations and even eternity. It lends class and natural warmth to personal living spaces. At the same time, it brings character, inspiration and functional appeal to commercial areas. White marble will add sophistication to the design of a hotel lobby, restaurant or showroom. A project can have a trendy and modern design or it can be done in a traditional style, but white marble tiles will always achieve the same dazzling effect.

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