Since medieval times, ceramic tiles have already made their mark as favourite construction materials used for embellishing important religious and political structures. This was mainly due to their decorative character which made them ideal for walls and floors, and for accenting special areas. Methods were developed to enhance their durability and, through time, ceramic tiles have evolved into beautiful and unique pieces of history that marked a particular age or style. From the handmade encaustic tiles of the 16th century to the refined tile patterns of the Victorian era, countless methods, designs and styles of tiles evolved until the present time.

Old-looking tiles in the modern days20150104_125653

These tiles were works of art, and were obviously beautiful beyond the period they were created. This is evident in the fact that the antique look is all too often recreated by designers in many home designs today. Whether you’re building a new home, doing a renovation of a house, or refurbishing a room, using vintage tiles adds a distinct personal charm to that space. Ceramic tiles are now manufactured to achieve that retro inspiration and match various design ideas. Authentic antique ceramic tiles are also available from special sources of original period tiles salvaged from some French or Belgian mansions.

Ideal for residential or commercial spaces

20150107_102120The traditional look offered by vintage ceramic tiles gives any living space a distinct warmth and laidback appeal. They’re great for kitchens – for that old-world charm. If you’re using them for flooring, make sure to use hard-wearing porcelain ceramic tiles. Glazed ones will be best for backsplashes and bathrooms because they’re more watertight. While vintage tiles are known to enhance the beauty and character of most home designs, they’re also becoming popular in commercial establishments because of their durability and weight-bearing property.

Some tiles are simply more beautiful with age

20150107_102403Some things gain more character and simply become more beautiful with age – much the same way with tiles! A classic floral-tiled wall section of a bedroom is reminiscent of relaxing gardens. A floor layout of traditional tiles in a bistro brings in an imagery of home-brewed goodness. Moroccan mosaic tiles framing a window or following the outlines of a bath tub will no doubt inspire awe. The wide selection of colors, price range and old ceramic tile designs available make this material a top pick for interior or exterior projects.

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