Natural stones, such as marble, granite and travertine, are highly-durable materials used to adorn wall and floor surfaces. While these high-end tiles excel in strength and beauty, they require complicated installation and upkeep and are expensive.

This paved the way for a special type of ceramic tiles – the travertine-effect ceramic tiles – which offers the same opulent look of natural stones at much lower cost. This type of ceramic tiles remarkably recreates the warmth and classic earth tones of travertine tiles. Thus, it is a perfect finishing option for living rooms, staircases, kitchens, bathrooms, garden structures, patios, pools and other residential or commercial projects. These vein-patterned porcelain and ceramic tiles can be reproduced in hues of beige, grey, cream, rust, white or ivory. Being neutral tones, they complement very well with other colour palettes and themes. Unlike its natural stone counterpart, this product is lighter and easier to cut, making construction much simpler and cheaper.

The Mark of True Ceramic Tiles

Travertine LookRust and ivory travertine ceramic tiles work very well to evoke classic and relaxed environments. Grey, beige, or cream provide character for refined interiors. Muted shades complement modern minimalist lines. This helps to recreate a feeling of calm in the environment, such as in spas and homes. Travertine-look ceramic tiles can be applied as they are, such as the material for backdrop walls, wall cladding, pavers, countertops or flat surfaces with clean edges. The tiles’ gentle veins and waves provide movement and drama to a plain-looking area. They are equally effective if done with mosaic and accent tiles or designed as décor with accessories, such as when used to draw attention to fireplaces, foyers and stairs.

Probably the biggest appeal of travertine-look tiles is the ease with which it is cleaned and maintained in comparison to the authentic travertine tiles. Achieving the same effect, the glazed ceramic tiles are more hygienic and require easier maintenance than natural travertine tiles which must be periodically sealed. More colours, sizes and patterns are available in ceramic travertine than in natural travertine tiles. Travertine ceramic tiles are also easier to install and cheaper than the natural stone; thus, are more budget-friendly.

The quartz-like grains and patterns of travertine tiles add to the texture of any room or project. They are honed and polished for a glossy finish, but are also sold in matte. Travertine ceramic tiles are available in various vivid stains, although those in light colours offer the more genuine look of travertine. The installer or designer can turn tiles in several directions to achieve various texture combinations and tonal contrasts. Travertine effect tiles are versatile and beautiful whether used in modern or traditional themes – the mark of true ceramic tiles.

Attain the classic look and texture of travertine stone at a fraction of the price with our stylish travertine-effect ceramic tiles. These durable and hard-wearing materials are available in matte and glossy finish and are ideal for both interior and exterior applications.

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