Terracotta tiles go many centuries back. The term “terra cotta” has Latin origins and means “baked earth” in Italian. This refers to earthen containers, ornaments or construction materials made from fired clay. They can be pots, brick walls or floors, pipes or figurines, and vary in color ranging from brown to red.

• That timeless old look

This earthen tile material from ancient art and architecture remains a favourite inspiration among contemporary designers. Terracotta tiles are used to create a rustic feel to an outdoor project, such as when they are used as flooring material for a courtyard or garden structure.  They exude warmth and lend a vintage appearance that’s both beautiful and charming.

• In harmony with nature

Designers recognize the need to create a balance between urban structures and the natural elements. A house, for instance, must blend with its natural landscape. Even commercial structures, such as hotels and restaurants, open to wide gardens. These designs benefit from terracotta pavers, patio floors and garden paths.

IMG_4524• Warm and cosy

These reddish brown square tiles lend a unique character and personality to an otherwise ordinary room. An impersonal kitchen can suddenly be transformed into a homey country kitchen with antique terracotta tile flooring. These classic tiles, which can be glazed or unglazed, are literally warm because they retain heat longer than other kinds of tiles.

• Traditional maintenance

Terra cotta tiles are highly porous. This porosity is responsible for the tiles’ heat-retaining property and natural antique look; however, it’s also responsible for discolored tile surface and waterlogged installations. It becomes necessary to remove dirt and stain by brushing and washing immediately when they’re noticed on the terracotta surface, and to seal the tiles periodically. Sealing of the external surface is important for outdoor tiles, such as those in the backyard or surrounding the pool because they are exposed to the rain. The same is true for indoor tiles that are often wet or exposed to dirt and oil, especially those in the kitchen and bathroom.

• Get the look with terracotta-effect tiles

If you can’t handle the maintenance required by authentic terracotta, you can have the same look with terracotta-effect tiles. These are available in a variety of materials to suit your budget. Ceramic and porcelain tiles have high durability and low porosity. They can better take heavy foot-traffic and drop impact, like flooring in stores, garage and storage facilities, and other areas open to the public. They don’t require complicated maintenance. More importantly, they have the classic look that you want.

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