Every swimming pool is unique with its own design, shape and also the type of tiles used. The installation of swimming pool whether for public use or for private bungalow or condominium is a big investment for the community and the house owner. Thus, the right choices made at the beginning of design will determine to the overall cost to maintain the pool over its life span. Apart from the pool surface preparation, tile adhesive, grout, skilled installation and the pool water quality in service, the type of tiles to be installed plays an important role in contributing to the long term durability of the swimming pools.

Which Tile Is Right For The Pool?

Swimming Pool 3A unique characteristic of tiles to be suitable for swimming pool installation is that they should be vitreous, meaning they are vitrified to possess low water absorption rate of less than 3% or preferably impervious with absorption less than 0.5%. For a demanding environment like outdoor swimming pools, a low or near zero water absorption rate tiles are far more durable and less susceptible to damage caused by high water pressure and infiltration process.

Unlike bathroom or any indoor wet areas which normally built in two dimensional flat surfaces, swimming pools are freeform and have many round edges. Thus the floor and wall tiles for pools are not to be treated with the same way. The normal square tiles are not readily fit for this application.  In this case, ceramic mosaic tiles which come in sheet forms offer more flexibility for the installation without the need to cut the tiles.

Another reason for using mosaic tiles for swimming pool areas is that they possess high crack resistance property due to their smaller surface area compared to normal square tiles used in bathrooms. This allows it to withstand the stress and differential movement due to continuous water submersion and water pressure.

Impressive Pool Design With Mosaic Tiles

Trendy products we offer for this type of installation are mosaic tiles made of porcelain, ceramic or glass that are available in a wide range of textures, styles, colors and patterns.  You can choose from plain colors and tones to iridescent finishes making them the supreme choice for swimming pool owners. For example, you may want to opt for a specific design and pattern based on your preference, concept and budget.

Swimming Pool_2Generally, swimming pool tiles are blue or white to reflect light and to make the pool more attractive. These tile products are great choices for deep-water applications because its color can be distorted. We recommend you avoid installing dark colored tiles on the pool’s base because water deepness may become less evident for users. Instead, it would be better to use a combination of contrasting color bands for a more aesthetically pleasing result. For example, you may want to use creative patterns and bright colors for a dash of life and spice to the pool.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing and attractive, we provide swimming pool ceramic tiles that are durable and high quality to help you in maximizing your investment because they are of easy maintenance, too. For the pool’s surrounding area, we recommend you choosing slip resistant or non-slip ceramic tiles as this area tends to be wet most of the time. In this case, it would be best to select unglazed ceramic tiles with anti slip surfaces to ensure the user’s safety all the time.

For big or small commercial or residential projects, you need not to search any further because you have found the right company to help you come up with the perfect, high quality, beautiful and luxurious swimming pool ceramic tile flooring solutions for indoor and outdoor private or public swimming pools at affordable prices.

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