The rectangular shapes of 3″ x 6″ or 4″ x 8″ are the symbols and also the most common sizes associated to subway tiles. Subway tiles usage date back to the early 1900s due to their distinctive character and charm, but their popularity and use are still highly regarded in these modern times when homeowners, designers and builders are installing them in the kitchen, bathroom and other wall areas because of their durable yet timeless appeal brought for homes, hotels and restaurants.

Our company keeps up with this demand by offering you a wide range of subway ceramic tiles for walls installation and even in almost all kinds of home, commercial or architectural projects with the highest standard. Check out below to learn more about these tiles.

What Makes Subway Ceramic Tiles Special?

20150228_145448Aside from subway tiles being high in quality in materials and designs, they are authentic and distinctive, as they give your home or property the unique style above the rest. For instance, adding warm-white subway tiles can add timeless enchantment into your traditional kitchen. If you were looking to flipping your home in the future, you may consider installing retro or contemporary subway tiles that break all traditions!

Even for the most demanding restoration projects, subway ceramic tiles are chosen, especially among owners looking to preserve the original identity of a place. Whatever you want to achieve for your space, the right subway tiles can offer you a solution specific to the beauty, design, and characteristic for a traditional feel or an updated modern, sleek look.

Aside from subway tiles being suitable for building, restoring or renovating a space, they are also easy to clean with the glazed finish, so you do not waste time on the task as well as have to spend a big budget to keep them looking new. Simply, subway tiles offer you not only unique patterns, solutions and designs, but also affordable options and easy maintenance.

Uncompromisingly outstanding in all respects, subway tiles are what you need for a spectacular living or outdoor area because they are stylish but sturdy to keep up with heavy pressure and demands common in many households and busy workspaces.

Where to Install Subway Ceramic Tiles

If you were a designer working on residential environments and looking for the best tiles for kitchen backsplashes and countertops, fireplaces and bathroom walls, then subway tiles are for you because they can meet your creative expectations! In fact, they can be installed mixed or individually or can be matched for a custom ceramic subway tile design and layout.

For questions and concerns, you can get in touch with our team and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We can help you choose the right subway ceramic tile solutions based on your needs and requirements.

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