What are slate tiles?

Slate tiles are produced from metamorphic rocks called slates. Slate, on the other hand, are formed from shale that is subjected to enormous heat and pressure under the earth’s surface. This process of metamorphism results in rearrangement of the crystals in shale producing a natural material which can be split into thin sheets. Nature takes around 500 centuries to create slates, and they come in distinctive colours of grey, green, red, copper, yellow, brown, and black. Their colours can take a vibrant, subdued or dark shade. Textures are generally rough.

Why use slate tiles?

Slates are commonly used as roofing materials and surface tiles. Slate tiles are popular among homeowners and architects for several reasons.

• They come in unique patterns and are attractive tonally. Each tile has a distinct visual quality that, in itself, is an art. Slate tiles can be highlighted using other surface materials. For instance, a countertop made of pale grey slate tiles is visually striking against a background of dark-stained hardwood planks.

• They are versatile – highly suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. Slate tiles can be used to make an impressive floor for a rustic-style restaurant, or an idyllic pathway through a garden.

• They can also be used as décor in a room – the veining patterns make decorative backsplashes in the kitchen or a conversation piece in the dining room’s main wall. Add to the decorative value of a fireplace by using slate tiles.

• They beautifully complement both traditional and contemporary designs. Greenish slate tiles are reminiscent of Byzantine architecture, while copper-coloured slate tiles seamlessly harmonize with avant-garde metallic tiles.

• They are slip resistant, making these natural stone tiles perfect as flooring material for foyers, entryways, showers, toilets and swimming pool surround.

• They are easy to clean and maintain – wiping with warm water is usually all the maintenance needed, as long as you don’t wait too long to wipe off dust, dirt or stain.

• They are long-lasting – lending durability and permanence to any investment you make on your residential or commercial building. Slate tiles are used as wall-cladding material in many homes, not only because of their durability and classic beauty, but also because of their practicality.

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