Slate ceramic tiles and slate porcelain tiles are products of new digital inkjet technology. They resemble authentic look, pattern and texture of real slate but possess the quality of different types of tile material, like porcelain and ceramic. The advanced digital technology prints the looks of natural slate too and imitates the tactile aspect similar with the actual slate.

The Uniqueness of Slate Ceramic Style

IMG_5530Slate ceramic tile is a very cost effective alternative to natural stone. If you want a budget friendly earth ambiance in your house, this is the best option you can get. You can also get maximum design flexibility. There is a variety of texture, color, and pattern resembling to natural stone product so it is a good type of floor décor for your home that would suit you, regardless of whatever visual preference you have. The compound used is as durable as real slate and it can resists stain, scratches, wears, and tears. It is also good in handling impact and end up without damage. Amazing as it is, this kind of tile is also waterproof and needs minimal maintenance. It is not just great looking and classic, but also a very practical choice for both the interior exterior part of your home. As these tiles are lightweight compared to stone materials, it makes the installation process a lot easier for any renovation projects

The Perfect Place For A Slate Ceramic Tile

IMG_5531Installation of slate look materials can be done anywhere in the house whether indoor or outdoor areas. As these tiles are stylish and attractive in the eyes, it gives off a relaxing mood to any part of the house. Aside from the common installation at kitchen floor, the relaxing effect can be experienced on the surface of the backsplashes, fireplaces, pool area, tub surrounds showers. It can be installed in the bathroom floor to give that natural stone textured surface feeling and benefit from its impervious qualities and anti slip effect on the floor. Additionally, home owners can choose to decorate the garden entrance with slate ceramic tiles in order to highlight an environmental ambiance.

Décor Ideas For A Slate Ceramic Tile

Slate ceramic tiles can be utilized in both commercial and residential structures due to its versatility. With its special characteristics, it can easily adapt with either traditional or contemporary effects of the interior designs. It gives a house or a building a distinct impression of sophistication and class that can wow visitors as they enter the facilities. By incorporating these products in a facility, there will be a number of options for style and ideas. Since slate ceramic tiles have rich tonal ranges, playing and matching it with earthy colors will be easy. The designer can pick from the shades of cream, beige, or brown and never worry if the theme should be old or modern because slate tiles just do not age at all. If these tiles are to be used on the wall, it will resemble the nature and promote calmness. They will also look good in the pool area by promoting a more relaxed and cozy surrounding. They perfectly blend with any furniture and sculpted surface too. Whatever the inspiration is behind a structure, whether it is rustic or classy, these tiles are capable of bringing out the optimum results under a reasonable price.

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