We see more and more of quartz tiles in residential and commercial buildings today; and why not? These tiles are durable, wear-resistant, easy to maintain, and curiously good-looking.

Natural but manmade

Quartz is a mineral that occurs abundantly in nature; however, quartz tiles are manmade. Unlike other natural stone tiles, quartz can only be quarried in clusters, instead of blocks, making it impossible to etch tiles out of the natural material. For this reason, pure quartz crystals are harvested, ground, bonded with polymer resin, added with pigment and crushed mirror, and then molded into slabs or blocks. Like marble stone tiles, quartz stone tiles are called engineered tiles because of the composite materials or aggregates they are made from and the process involved in their production. These engineered stone tiles are mostly installed for indoor applications such as kitchen floor, vanity tops, backsplashes and bathroom walls in homes. Because they’re designed to withstand heavy traffic, they are also popular as flooring for retail shops in malls or covered walkways.

Great design options

IMG_4609Quartz tiles are produced in various colors including beige, black, blue, cream, green, grey, red and white. Designer black quartz tiles in squares or rectangles contrast very well with stark white quartz tiles to create a dramatic effect on wide spaces, such as hotel lobbies and restaurants or cafés. We have matching mosaic tiles, too, to make designing trouble-free for you. Quartz tiles are generally polished and shiny in appearance. Honed finish quartz floor tiles, though, are specifically produced for toilet, bathroom and shower flooring materials because of their anti-slip quality. While polished finish quartz tiles are preferred for walls and kitchen countertops and backsplash, honed tiles are practical as flooring because they are more slip-resistant, and they make stain, scratch and dirt less obvious. Polished and highly-glossy surfaces do not require additional maintenance either, as it is easy to clean with plain water. Apply grouts that are lighter in color than the tiles – this will emphasize the visual appeal of the tile.

Engineered as topnotch stone tile

Unlike 100% natural stones, such as granite tiles, quartz stone tiles don’t have natural visual imperfections. The resin polymer component makes it possible for quartz to resist stains. Quartz tiles with the optimum quartz-to-resin ratio of 93/7 are highly scratch and water resistant. There are no hidden cracks. They are twice as hard as marble and about as hard as terrazzo. Their strength is incomparable to ceramics. Compared to terrazzo which can be cut onsite, quartz must be shaped and fabricated at specific dimensions in the factory. These quartz slabs and cutout blocks are designed to withstand demanding conditions. Unlike other natural stones, quartz does not need to be sealed or resealed.

Visit our showroom for your tiling needs, whether you’re building a new nest or remodeling an existing one. Browse over our collection of quartz stone tiles. They are available in various sizes, tones, colors and finish. These are high-quality quartz manufactured at consistent thickness of 12mm for improved durability and stability. We offer the best retail and wholesale prices; you definitely won’t regret doing business with us.

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