Whether you have just moved into a new home or you are remodeling a current one, porcelain tiles are a strong contender you should not miss because of their sturdiness, resistance from wear and tear and durability that lasts for many years. Aside from ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are very popular today and are suitable to use in any residential, commercial or industrial applications.

What Makes Porcelain Tiles Special?

PorcelainUnglazed porcelain tile, also known as homogeneous tile or full body tile as it has the same composition and consistent color throughout the entire thickness of the tile.  This makes it different from the ordinary ceramic tile as its color does not changed even when the surface or edge is chipped. Stronger, harder and denser, porcelain tile is heavy duty tile renowned for its strength and durability keeping you out of stress and worries as you are assured it stays sturdy even in high traffic floor areas, such as that in public walkways and hallways.  In fact, with less porous body, and low water absorption rate of 0.5% or less according to ASTM standard, making porcelain tile the perfect material when installed in wet area, laundry area, outdoor or basement floor.

In addition to its practical functions, porcelain tile is also elegant and stylish, so it suits most types of projects for homeowners, builders, and interior designers. Glazed porcelain tile available in a wide range of styles, sizes, colors and patterns. For a simplistic and natural effect, you may opt for wood porcelain tile that resemble the natural color, texture and look of real wood with the durability of tile. Slate porcelain tiles, another popular choice for use at commercial area with high traffic are sturdy, non-slip, low maintenance with beautiful earthy colors.

Where to Install Porcelain Tiles?

Homogeneous TilesUnglazed porcelain tiles with rough and matt surface are usually installed on the bathroom floor, wet kitchen floor or any other floors that subject to moisture as they provide a higher friction surface to prevent falling accident. Whereas a high polished finish porcelain tile is suitable for wall applications in shower and bathroom wall with easy-to-clean surface. Versatile and durable, porcelain tiles are functional and practical to install in almost any floors and walls and even outdoor areas like the patio and area surrounding swimming pool.

If you are looking to renovate or build a house, a building, an office or a public area, among other indoor and outdoor spaces, get in touch with our team for a comprehensive guide on colors, sizes, designs, patterns, textures and shapes all to help you realize your vision and bring out self-expression with porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles.

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