Porcelain tiles belong in the same genre as ceramic tiles (also called non-porcelain), only much harder; they are classified as either glazed or unglazed. Glazed porcelain tiles have a liquefied glass layer that enhances resistance to moisture and versatility that allows them to look like travertine, marble, wood or stone. Unglazed porcelain tiles, also known as homogeneous tiles, don’t have that glossy coating or decorative surface design; instead, they have through-body construction which makes for their superb strength and hard-wearing quality. This means that their color and design run through the whole thickness of the tiles. Unglazed tiles are further classified into polished or unpolished. Unglazed and unpolished porcelain tiles are called natural porcelain tile. These are through-bodies that do not go into the process of polishing.

Unglazed and polished

Polished Porcelain TilesWe’re interested in the other type: the unglazed and polished porcelain tiles, which are often called polished porcelain tiles or polished homogeneous tiles. These are through-bodies which undergo the polishing process that makes the tiles’ surface shiny, very much like the polishing required for granites. Polishing gives the floor its high shine appearance that many homeowners love, but it also causes the pores of the tiles to open up. This decreases the stain-resisting quality of the tiles. However, cleaning this type of tiles is still easy and only normal floor cleaner and water are required. You can keep these tiles smooth and shiny with minimum care. Polished porcelain floor tiles are more suitable for indoor areas and not for outdoor application as it is less scratch resistant compared to normal porcelain tiles.

Variety of colors and styles

20150228_142529For the simple reason that they’re porcelain tiles, they have limitless possibilities when it comes to form and appearance. They can assume shapes other than the usual square. large size, plain color yet mirror-like appearance, these tiles are generally used for floors to suggest expanse and luxury. Play with colors since there’s a whole spectrum available – use white or cream to emphasize clean and spacious living and work areas; use long rectangular tiles of grey or black to extend the line of vision in a small room; use bright colors to bring in light; use beige or hues of brown to bring warmth to your bedroom. Choose grouts that complement your tiles. The color of the grout must be lighter than that of the tile.

Indoor application

Floors constitute the biggest surface in any room or living space – it is no wonder, then, that floor tiles are so important in any building construction or remodelling project. Interior designers give special attention to the kind of floor cover material they use for maximum visual impact. Contemporary designs call for simplicity and elegance in tile color, and polished porcelain tiles respond well to this aesthetic design requirement. They are perfect as flooring material; at the same time, they can be used cleverly for reflecting light and brightening up dark areas of the house. These hardwearing tiles are also suitable for the hectic demands of a busy kitchen.

Does your house need some major revamp? Or do you feel that your office may benefit from a little updating? You will need to start from the floor where every single thing happens. Install new tiles! And what better tile is there than polished porcelain tiles? They don’t only look flawless, they’re also extremely durable. We have a full selection of these tiles from trusted suppliers all over the world. We have products sourced from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and as far as Italy and Spain. Give us a call and allow us to offer you our services. We will help you expand your ideas.

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