OutdoorMaking a beautiful home doesn’t begin and end indoor because there is the garden, the backyard or the patio to make as impressive as the look inside. Tiling the patio or other areas outdoor can be a great alternative over plain and dull concrete slab. Tiles have a way of adding splash of wonderful colors to make the outside part of the house looking equally great.

The features of outdoor ceramic tiles vary for they serve different purposes especially if there is going to be heavy traffic such as the external walkways or corridors of a commercial building. Porcelain tile, a clay-made product under higher firing temperature has comparable greater strength, density and thickness is commonly used for outdoor flooring due to its durability, weather proof characteristic and ability to withstand high traffic. Porcelain tiles made with rough or textured surface are also non-slip for safety reasons.

rustic tilesWhen building a swimming pool, ceramic tile is the number one choice too for its walls and floor. The impervious type of ceramic tile which has low absorption rate of less than 0.5 percent when in contact with moisture is the perfect material for swimming pool installation. The most sought-after tile type for this application is mosaic or glass finish tile as it provides uncontested strength, waterproof property and attraction given the variety of colors and patterns that suit any modern or traditional design. In addition, unglazed slate look or brick look ceramic tiles are usually laid around the swimming pool area owing to its superb traction to be slip resistant.

Ceramic tiles use is not limited to living areas, kitchen or bath. They are also manufactured to suit almost every design ideas for the outdoor landscape. They come in a wide range of colors, style, finish and design too and that means endless options to make the building, both indoor and outdoor look gorgeous!

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