Our company offers a wide range of non slip ceramic tiles and flooring for use in leisure centers, kitchen, bathroom, swimming pools and food production environments. We supply non-slip tiles in compliance with safety guidelines to ensure our ceramic products are of not only high standards but also are also easy to clean, durable and hard wearing for commercial and domestic environment as well as for industrial projects.

For Indoor floors

Non SlipFor indoor wet areas such as the shower floor, bathroom floor and kitchen floor which have lower foot traffic, unglazed ceramic tiles with rough finish or textured surface are applicable. Aside from being slip resistant, unglazed porcelain tiles are available in various colours including white, beige, brown, grey and black for home design and decorating purpose. You can find it in different shapes as well such as the common square tiles, popular rectangular ceramic tiles, trendy hexagon and octagon mosaic tiles.

For Outdoor floors

Public outdoor areas including wet market, hawker centres, shop and building walkways which have high density pedestrian traffic and always subject to wetness (rain, water spillage and etc.) are recommended to install non slip porcelain tiles which have higher slip resistance level for the safety and well-being of the users. Apart from the high coefficient of friction characteristic, it is essential for the tiles installed at high foot traffic areas to have the ability to withstand deep abrasion due to the excessive use at open areas. As such, having specific features you envisioned your flooring to possess, we provide structured finishes, riven, matt and pinhead tiles that have great anti slip surface and high resistant to wear and tear.

In addition to high quality and durability, we offer non skid ceramic tiles with a variety of colours, sizes, finishes, shapes, pattern and textures.  For instance, we can also recommend slate effect tiles that tend to have a great anti-skid finish making them ideal for swimming pools and spas surrounding.

IMG_5622If you are a business owner, it is important to install slip resistant ceramic tiles in your premises for the safety of your employees creating a safe work area for them while keeping you out of unexpected expenses due to accidents and injuries caused by slippery flooring.

Overall, non slip ceramic floor tiles are practical, beautiful and stylish with only little maintenance required. They come in a myriad of effects for a modern, Terracotta, travertine and natural wood look effect you are looking for. Virtually suitable for any floor, install our non slip ceramic tiles on swimming pools, driveways, walkways and decks, among other areas we mentioned above. Say no more to slippery floors with our top flooring solutions at affordable prices.

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