Mosaic tiles have always captivated the interest of builders and artisans even in ancient civilizations. Through several eras and across different cultures, these intricate pieces adorned important centres of power and religion. In modern times, mosaic tiles remain integral to every architectural style and interior design idea. In this respect, our company is popular among homeowners and architects because we provide stylish and affordable mosaic tiles in various themes, materials and dimensions.

Glass Mosaic

Probably the most popular mosaic tiles are the glass mosaic tiles. For many centuries all over the world, artisans installed glass mosaics in the most artistic way. Highly-detailed patterns highlighted cathedrals, mansions, madrasas and almost all significant edifices in history. The iridescent tiles were created as works of art and major décor, not merely surface coverings. Glass mosaics are intrinsic to any good design in contemporary buildings and homes. They are commonly installed on backsplashes, kitchen counters, swimming pools and bathroom floors.

Glass Blend Mosaic

Glass blend mosaics make use of the stunning effect that results from mixing glass and stone tiles to create stylish patterns. Tiny glass tiles are arranged in a sheet with marble tiles to create glass marble mosaics. The overall effect is spectacular with the combined effect of light shining through glass and light getting diffused by marble. The dissimilar textures of the glazed glass and rich marble also create a unique look and tactile effect to a wall or feature. This same visual appeal is attained creating blends from premium glass tiles with ceramic, porcelain, metallic and stone tiles.

Natural Stone Mosaic

Natural stone mosaic has the rich earthy tones that have been perfected by nature over millions of years. This special quality is found only in natural stone materials, such as travertine, slate, marble and granite. Travertine mosaic tiles are often featured in residential and commercial projects to evoke luxury and create impressive surfaces. Travertine often have light main colour, such as white or beige, with dark vein patterns. Many homeowners install travertine mosaic with the inspiration of the grandiose Roman baths in ancient times. These materials are also perfect for garden and outdoor applications.

Ceramic and Porcelain Mosaic

Porcelain and ceramic mosaic tiles are probably the most widely-used tile mosaic mainly due to the versatility of these materials. They can assume any look, colour, texture or finish. They can be glazed or unglazed. They can go polished or unpolished, shiny or matt. They are produced in a colourful array – from subdued to vibrant. Ceramic and porcelain mosaic tiles using mix of colours are often installed to create designs and unique patterns, but single-colour mosaics are equally attractive. White mosaic tiles complement subway tiles perfectly. Black mosaic tiles can add class and drama on vertical surfaces. Grey mosaic tiles look sleek and high-tech. Blue mosaic tiles are perfect for swimming pool floors. Textured green mosaic tiles can create imagery on backsplashes; round-shape red mosaic tiles will be definitely eye-catching on any wall or counter top.

Metal Mosaic

Metal mosaic tiles definitely belong to the 21st century and the high-end in tile designs. They are great accent pieces possessing sophisticated appeal.  Metal mosaic in stainless steel and aluminium, gold, brass, bronze or copper are cut in interesting shapes and patterns. They are then attached to a wire mesh backing for ease of installation. The collection of metal tiles are available in round, octagon, hexagon, square and rectangular shapes. You can create awesome patterns with the variety of sizes available. Hexagon mosaic tiles are in 25mm x 25mm size. Rectangular mosaics are available in 15mm x 49mm and 10mm x 98mm sizes. Square mosaics range from very tiny pieces of 15mm x 15mm to large mosaic pieces of 73mm x 73mm, with several intermediate sizes in between. Sheets are usually in 30cm x 30cm size.

Why buy mosaic tiles from us?

Mosaic tiles allow you to be flexible with your layout. If you have a particular design in mind, our mosaic tiles can even be customized.  For instance, if you wish for a Moroccan-inspired swimming pool, or one that is adorned with dolphin or similar shapes, we would be more than glad to provide you with custom made mosaic tiles to your exact specification. We believe in customer satisfaction, and do our best to give you that.

Our collection of mosaic tiles is so wide-ranging that you will have no difficulty finding what you need for your next construction or renovation project. We work closely with our suppliers to assure you of high-quality products, reliable service and affordable price.

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