We feature a collection of Moroccan ceramic tiles that bear the distinct magical appeal of Arabesque art and architecture. An ancient art in Morocco, called zellij, makes use of painstakingly cut and laid tiles shaped in triangles, squares, rectangles, diamonds, hexagons and octagons, to form elaborate and colorful murals. This Moorish theme dominates the design of our Moroccan ceramic tile collections which are perfect for enhancing home spaces, whether in interior or exterior application.

Acquire a vintage look to your home20150416_201307

Go back in history and bring the enigma of Arabic craft right into your home. Terracotta loose pavers are popular flooring materials for the kitchen, patio and other areas projected to bear high foot traffic. They are great choices for wet floors because of their high slip resistance.  If used in surfaces which are often wet, it is best to seal the tiles for ease of cleaning.

Glazed and unglazed Moroccan tiles in red, blue and other vibrant colors are best for walls. They are often installed in combination with other patterns and textures. Sets of a particular color of tiles may slightly vary in shade and this lends a beautiful uniqueness to the resulting layout. Install them with Marrakesh encaustic tiles to attain a special effect and added dimension to your kitchen or bathroom.

Fill walls with colourful geometric shapes

photo342714347450116106The geometric shapes and intricately designed mosaics that have adorned structures and walls in Morocco are captured in our new product line, and we bring them to you. Houses and public areas can acquire a classic style and the ornate look of the 14th century with the variety of choices we offer. The ageless beauty of our selections will look great with modern structures in the backdrop. Install them on walls, floors, swimming pools, counters, backsplashes, and even ceilings! Refer to our showcased products and create stunning ideas for your projects.

Create eye-catching decorations

Make a visual statement or a design idea right on your entryway, courtyard or patio with our Moroccan tiles. And what better way to do that than with a mural or a striking decor made from our unique designs. Create drama in your bed room with floral designs; add interest to the walls of your kitchen or dining area, counter tops or backsplash with our handmade decorative mosaic tiles. Remodel a room by creating a focal point. When creating centrepieces in a room, consider first the direction of the light that pours into the room, and locate the decor strategically. If designed creatively, antique accents can provide stunning results even in contemporary settings.

Liven up borders

20150107_102359Borders and trims need not be boring. They’re not installed merely to enclose field tiles, emphasize a decor, or delineate areas or special furniture. Our Moroccan ceramic tile collection does all those things and more. Mosaic border tiles in various patterns and shapes can provide additional appeal to stair risers. Current trends find them along water lines in swimming pools. Whether you are installing tiles on indoor or outdoor surfaces, highlighting a garden feature, or finding the right frame for a Victorian fixture, our mosaic border tiles and accessories may just be the thing you’re looking for. They have all the characteristics of durability and high quality tiles.

The art of Moroccan tile work entails detailed and complex craftsmanship, entailing mathematical precision. With our collection of Moroccan ceramic tiles, we have made this complicated matter downright simple. Buy now and avail of items we have on sale or at special discounted price. Bring out the artisan in you and create complex designs the easy, low-cost way!

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