Modern ceramic tiles find application in urban homes and commercial buildings. The way they are produced in great variety and their ability to blend with various themes make them the perfect choice for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Modern ceramic tiles have versatile applicability

Wood PlankBuilding new homes
Modern ceramic tiles provide elegant finish to wall and floor surfaces in new homes and residential spaces. Tile materials used in modern home designs are chosen and installed in a careful manner to ensure that they create balance and harmony with the overall theme.

Interior applications
Inside homes, contemporary ceramic tiles are generally applied as main flooring materials. Their beauty and durability make them the best surface covering for kitchens and patios, which are often subjected to heavy traffic and frequent moisture. Modern mosaic ceramic tiles serve as accents or decorative materials on stair risers, backsplashes, bathrooms and showers, murals and layout borders. This multi-functional characteristic is often downplayed by clean lines and minimalist appearance.

Exterior finishes
Modern ceramic tiles give the exterior of a building its distinct look. Various designs are manufactured for exterior ceramic cladding. An old building façade can be given a facelift, and public areas can be renovated with the right type of tiles. Those rectangular subway tiles make for easy maintenance and dynamic-looking outdoor projects. They don’t need to be strictly white or off-white, too, because there is an array of colors available that can be used to produce unique combinations.

Designer_2Creating striking décor
Make an art statement, create your décor, or evoke a particular effect, period or feel to a room. Achieve this by using special-effect tiles or a fusion of various styles.

Adding dimensions and features
Ordinary styles can be levelled up by adding variant tiles to a usual pattern. Black and white checkerboard tile layouts are quite common for kitchen floor application. Adding grey tiles to the black and white tiles or using a shape other than square or rectangle types will give the design a shadowed effect and texture. Tiles shaped in hexagon or circle can provide more interest to a predictable tile layout. Texture can be glossy or matte, or even three-dimensional.

A variety of looks

20150107_102621_Hexagon Mosaic_Black & WhiteArchitects design urban homes not only as quiet and calm abodes away from the city, but also as headquarters that complement busy lifestyles. Thus, designers often choose modern ceramic tiles for walls and floors for the aesthetic and functional benefits they offer. The extensive selection of colors, shapes, look and textures makes blending with the other aspects of the theme or design an easy matter. Ceramic tiles endure heavy foot traffic very well and require low maintenance. Porcelain ceramic tiles can mimic slates, travertine and other natural stones, not only in their hues and veined patterns, but also in their hard-wearing ability. Aside from the look of stones, these high-quality tiles come in great variety of appearance – wood effect, shiny metal finish, luxurious gold and silver-edged mosaic tiles, minimalist elegance and retro chic.

Whether you’re designing a new home addition, remodelling an existing hotel room, dressing up a restaurant corner, or just wanting to complement the red on the wall or the green vista from the window, our line of modern ceramic tile products provide an unbelievably wide selection of tiles. Browse through our site and shop for the look that you want to attain. Better yet, talk to us so we can be of help to you.

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