20150406_192336Our Talavera-inspired line of ceramic tiles showcases the warm and old-world beauty of Mexico. This collection highlights how Spanish and Moorish influences have made an impact on Mexican art and craftsmanship. As early as the 17th century, artisans have already handcrafted volumes of these exquisite tiles to embellish mansions, religious edifices and public areas in major colonial cities. In modern era, a similar wave of Mexican designs has invaded homes, hotels, offices and other public structures.

These classic tiles are popular among designers, and their unique look is often chosen over other styles for modern installations. Homeowners prefer them because they are functional, easy to clean and maintain. Our Mexican ceramic tiles will help create a unique ambience to your interior and exterior spaces. We offer you a variety of products to choose from.

A selection of solid colors

IMG_4524Solid-colored tiles are popular as field tiles for floors and walls. These old-fashioned squares are handmade and hand painted in vibrant colors of red, blue, yellow and different hues of brown. They acquire a distinctive and rustic appearance of clay after being fired in the kiln. These tiles are the best choice for kitchens where they exude a homey feel.

Earth tones

Earth-toned terracotta tiles are great for kitchen or patio floors and outdoor pavers. Sets come in sizes of 2×2, 4×4, and 6×6, or they may also be custom-made to the size that you want. It must be noted that each piece of tile is unique and may possess some slight irregularities – such as lighter or darker shade. This adds to the rustic charm that is distinctive to Mexican tiles.

Sets of decorative images

20150406_192347Embellish your homes with decorative tiles that come in a variety of themes and patterns. Decor and accent pieces are available as single tiles or sets of mosaic or mural. Mexican-inspired themes include nature and desert scenes and characters, edibles like fruits and vegetables, flowers and animals. These vintage accents will undoubtedly liven up your kitchen, dining and family room.

They will give a traditional feel to your pool area. Textured versions will add character to your backsplash, bathroom, showers and plain white walls. On wide floor spaces, such as indoor courtyard or central gardens, decorative mosaic with matching borders can be shaped and designed like a huge rug. With good lighting, that space could easily become the family’s new favourite living area in the house.

Variety of borders and accessories

Get the complete look with the variety of borders, trims and accessories offered by our Mexican ceramic tile collection. This product line will give your home an authentic Mexican feel and quality to any project. Renovate a special area in your house and make that your favourite spot. Transform a weary fireplace by adding a splash of colourful mosaic along its outline. Lead the eyes to a craft or special furniture by framing it with our Mexican tile borders. Adorn stair risers with intricate Mexican ceramic tile borders. It will be hard not to notice such beautiful stair risers; and that way, the stairs are safer, too.

Mexican ceramic tiles go a long way back in history as beautiful, practical, low-maintenance and long-lasting flooring and walling materials. We have vast collection that will surely be within your budget.

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