Timeless beauty

As early as 440 BC, marble had already been highly regarded as a construction and decorative material. It had been used extensively by both Greek and Roman civilizations for carving statues and monuments, and for lining baths, pools and temples. Marble is naturally beautiful and durable, and these qualities made it the foremost stone of choice in ancient architecture.

Created by nature

Marbles, like travertine, are rocks that nature has created from the metamorphism of limestone over millions of years. They are hard, but not as hard as granite rocks which are formed differently. Marbles contain grains and crystals that create visually appealing textures and unique veining patterns. The rock usually has a light colour with veins that are usually dark. These combinations exude a classic elegance that has remained evident even in modern designs and installations.

Crafted by technology

Modern technology enabled man to create magnificent tiles out these natural stones. They are easier to come by today than in the old days; in fact, we have several varieties in our collection to suit your every need. They are available in various sizes, finishes, shapes, shades and colours. Polished marble tiles are reminiscent of mansions and palaces. They are popular as bathroom walls and vanity tops. Honed and tumbled marble tiles have a rustic worn-out look and more scratch resistant than polished tiles. They are well suited as flooring for hallways, foyers, entryways. Tumbled marble tiles are less slippery when wet than are polished marble tiles; hence, they are preferred as flooring for bathrooms and showers. Marble slabs are also available for kitchen countertops and dining table tops.

Elegant colours

Italian marble tiles, especially in ivory and cream are highly in demand as wall and floor materials for offices, schools, hotels and shops. Light or white coloured marble tiles are often used as floor or wall for spas and wellness facilities because they look and feel clean and hygienic. Veins in contrasting colours and patterns lend uniqueness to each tile. There is a cooling quality that makes marble the perfect choice for rooms in residential projects, too. Interestingly, beige tiles exude warmth in bedrooms and other indoor parts of the house. Designers have come to rely on marble tiles to attain opulence and stylishness in their projects. For instance, the immortal beauty of the Parthenon can be recreated using white marble tiles in large spaces, such the interior of a commercial building or a spacious living room. Areas can be defined and delineated using grey and black marble tiles. For these reasons, we highly recommend that you invest, not only in a durable and functional type of tiles, but also in the kind of tiles that will not go out of style.

Transform your home into a luxurious space. With our new selection of premium marble tiles offered at reasonable price points, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

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