Elegant functionality

Marble is a popular choice as floor material for residential and commercial projects. The reasons are obvious.

• Marble stones are often preferred because of their stunning colors, long-lasting beauty, natural warmth, unique veins and overall luxurious

• They lend spaciousness to a room because of their clean look.

• Their durability is ideal in floor areas designed for heavy traffic, such as flooring for malls and hotels.

• Marble floors have an added quality that makes them perfect for sections of the house that are humid or warm – their walking surface feels cool to the feet. This is due to the ability of marble to keep the coolness of its natural surroundings.

• The aesthetic appeal of this natural stone makes impressive entry ways, staircases, foyers and hallways.

These unique features offered by marble tiles and marble slabs make them one of the best floor surface options for designers, architects, building or housing developers and homeowners,.

Countless design possibilities

Architectural masterpieces can be created with the wide variety of colors, tones and veining patterns available for marble products. Marble slabs in white, beige and other light tones lend visual spaciousness to a small area. Dark shades provide warmth, flair and emphasis to a space.

Marble comes in natural hues of brown, green, red, black, blue, grey, pink, and in immaculate white. Undoubtedly, the characteristic of marble stones that makes them unique are the natural swirls, veins and streaks.

Builders can mix and match these stone colors and shades to attain floor design varieties, such as checkerboard, diamond shape and mosaic. Bold borders are used to call attention to flooring on foyers and entryways, to direct floor traffic, or to designate purpose for indoor and outdoor floor spaces.

With the latest in water jet cutting technology, limitless stylishness on flooring designs can be achieved whether in residences or commercial complexes.

Types and varieties to choose from

Marble stones are classified as calcite, dolomite or magnesium depending on the amount of these minerals contained in the metamorphosed material. Aside from these main minerals, considerable amounts of various other mineral impurities present in the material contribute to the final color, tone and patterns of marble. Below are just some of the marble types available commercially:

Breccia Oniciata marble brings warmth to a room with its earth tones of red and brown.

Carrara marble is the same immaculate white marble used in the sculptures and baths of ancient Greece. Floors will look pristine with tiles and slabs of this type.

Calacatta marble is also white like Carrara, but its streaks are more pronounced.

Sand marble slabs are used for rooms with rustic themes because of their vintage appearance.

Crema Marfil marble tiles and slabs range from cream to beige and are highly sought after by customers. They are quarried from mines in Spain.

Cultured marble is sometimes referred to as fabricated Example of cultured marbles available are Micro Crystal tile and Crystal White tile which are popular use for flooring. Manufacturers achieve a similar luxurious look as that afforded by natural marble by mixing cement and marble dust, except for the unique streaks of color and veins.

There are various ways to provide surface finishing to marble. These are done to make marble more suitable to the purpose and function for which they are installed.

• Polished marble floors are strikingly sophisticated and immaculate. They can light up big areas, such as ballrooms and great rooms where guests often gather. Marble can be polished to mirror-like gloss if desired.

• Honed marble or matte-finished marble floor tiles are recommended for areas with high foot-traffic. Marble finishing of this type has a matte texture and prevents slippage.

• Tumbled marble has a rough finish that makes it suitable for frequently wet floor surfaces, such as the bathroom, shower or patio floors.

What we offer

As a marble supplier and wholesaler, we provide a great array of premium marble products for your floor finishing needs. Our marbles are imported from various country like Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Middle East, India and China.

Marble floor tiles are commonly available in the following sizes: 300mm x 300mm, 300mm x 600mm, 600mm x 600mm, and 600mm x 1200mm. Our services even include customized cut-to-size marble according to your specified measurement. Samples shown are for references only and understand that the actual marble tiles will be uniquely distinct.

Nature has created breathtakingly beautiful boulders of marble, and we have made them available to architects, designers, developers and homeowners. Style your interiors and exterior with class and elegance.

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