Like granite, travertine and other natural stones, marble has always been a popular surface material for important structures in history. Today, it continues to suggest opulence in contemporary structures.

marble or marble look 1Replicas with the same elegance of marble

With the advancement in technology, porcelain tiles can now be manufactured to replicate the look of marble. They are produced to faithfully deliver the same elegant visual effect and stone feel that marble tiles do. The replicas have vein patterns that look beautiful, natural and close to authentic. Tiles vary from white and cream colors to warm shades, with veins in darker contrasting color. Colors and vein patterns can be soft and subtle, or distinct and defined – either way, these tiles earn compliments for being realistic in their look and feel.

In some ways better than the original

Marble look porcelain tiles are not only perfect aesthetic alternatives to the real stone, but are also incredibly durable, highly resistant to water and stain, and very cost-effective. Porcelain tiles can withstand heavy traffic and are wear resistant. This makes them the best choice for residential or commercial projects. They are often used as flooring or wall surfaces in bathrooms and shower areas because they are practically waterproof. They will last through time. In fact, their durability and stain-proof quality make them the favorite choice for the kitchen and almost any room in many homes. To add to that, porcelain tiles are a breeze to clean and maintain – the very reason why these marble replicas are often considered better than the original.

Versatile and widely applicable   

Ceramic tiles are highly versatile, and that includes marble-look porcelain tiles. Their extremely low porosity makes them impervious to different weather patterns and temperature. Thus, they are great for outdoor or heavy-traffic surface applications, such as staircases, patio areas, walkways and hallways. Indoors, they bring in the classical feel of the renaissance era. Apart from the large number of colors available, marble-look ceramic tiles also come in matt or polished finish. Lackluster baths, bedrooms and personal nooks can be transformed into majestic spaces with the range of tile colors, finish, designs and styles to choose from. Glazed marble-effect tiles, not only resist moisture and stain, they also create stunning walls and enhance any space. Marble replica tiles are available in various sizes of squares and rectangles.

More affordable, cheaper to install, and easier to maintain

20150406_181149Professional installers are required for the installation of both marble and porcelain tiles, but more so with natural marble. Marble tiles are heavier and more difficult to cut and install, and this entails higher labor cost. They require periodic sealing and polishing to maintain the high gloss finish. Marble-like porcelain tiles, on the other hand, are easier and less costly to install. There’s no need to fret over dirt, spills or abrasive chemicals. Porcelain tiles are denser, and everything that’s required is the usual cleaning with soap and water for the tile surface to look gorgeous again. From the purchase of tiles to their installation and maintenance, marble-look porcelain tiles are obviously friendlier to the budget than natural marble tiles are.

Bring the timeless and distinct beauty of marble to your home or business without the high cost associated with natural marble. Install marble-effect porcelain tiles, instead! Come and see our unrivaled collection of marble ceramic tiles. We offer great options for your projects at price points that are hard to beat.

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