The ceramic tiles of Italy are renowned for their diverse and extraordinary creativity that encompass several architecture styles, regions or periods. Italy has highly influenced the tile industry, being a world leader in traditional and modern tile production and technology. Our company carry various brands made by Italian tile manufacturers, and we invite you to visit these collections. We showcase the evolution of tile products from vintage to contemporary designs, all Made in Italy.

Classic Look

Travertine LookItaly’s architectural evolution and achievements in the art have inspired limitless designs in the tile industry. Reminiscent of historic museums and elaborate villas, the Italian ceramic tiles feature classic designs to enhance your homes and living spaces. These tiles are produced by a trusted supplier for the international market; thus, they are of the highest quality and perfect for achieving the desired aesthetic results to your residential or commercial projects. Install them on interior walls in the house or hotels, and create a room that has a luxurious feel. Use hard-wearing porcelain and install them on floors for kitchens or restaurants. You get the same vintage effect and the assurance that your floors will never fail you even with heavy foot traffic and accidental spills or stains.

Contemporary Design Concepts

ItalyModern technology and solutions have given way to more innovative designs in Italian ceramic tiles. New design trends are making their way to Singaporean homes and offices, and we are proud to offer you the Made-in-Italy brands in this genre. Ceramic tiles that take this modern inspiration are excellent solutions for indoor areas that are not very large. Cool colors and glazed finishes give the impression of wider space. Designers prefer the clean lines and minimalist look of modern Italian ceramic tiles especially when the objectives are to declutter a room, make cleaning simple, and keep maintenance cost affordable. Wood ceramic tiles add warmth, yet possess the low-maintenance quality of ceramics. These modern Italian brands are the best choice for organizing offices and simplifying the flow of people in a room.

Ageless Versatile Mosaic

Probably older than the oldest cathedral in Italy, mosaic tiles have the unique versatility of creating outstanding effect as centrepiece decors, full wall-size murals, or discreet borders. Our Italian tile manufacturers are specialize on brilliant Italian tesserae or mosaic tiles. They’re great on flat walls, such as on the inside walls and flooring of pools. They’re greater still when installed on undulating surfaces and deep recesses, such as on sinks, and nooks of shower walls and kitchen backsplash. Install border mosaic tiles that match the field tiles to delineate utilization of the flooring or direct the flow of traffic. Iridescent glass mosaic in unique patterns brings in the light to small spaces and makes stunning decor. On bathroom and shower floor installations, their tiny size adds to good traction and slip resistance.

Tiles that Work with the Environment

OutdoorAn innovative architectural design philosophy promotes construction materials and furnishings that blend with and have low impact to the environment. The Italian porcelain tiles in stone effect are more inconspicuous as exterior cladding than metallic exteriors. Hence, they are much preferred for structures situated in natural landscapes. The insulating property of ceramic tiles is well appreciated by designers promoting sustainable concepts in building. The durability and moisture-resistant quality of these tiles augur well, too, if they are used for garden and outdoor installations.

Visit our showroom and discover ceramic tile materials with stunning decorative features that match their functionality. Carrying the mark of “Made in Italy,” this product line boasts of superb quality. Special discounts are offered for products on sale, so check us out for the latest offerings.

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