Our growing partnership with the best in the tile industry makes our floor ceramic products high in quality and supreme in durability making us the top choice among industrial business owners aiming to install chemical resistant and slip resistant heavy duty tiles in their business premises.

We recommend homogeneous tiles and vitrified porcelain tiles made through the vitrification process resulting to thicker, denser and harder tiles ideal for heavy load industrial use and application. The process of vitrifying tiles makes them low porous, stain resistant and strong to install across industries with high traffic environments and heavy machine use. The harness of homogeneous tile allows it to withstand pressure and stress from static and dynamic load, furthermore resistant to abrasion.

We supply industrial ceramic tiles, including extruded tiles and dry pressed tiles, to businesses and industries that require slip resistant flooring of higher coefficient friction for both ramps and leveled areas. It is important to have non slip floor tiles installed at areas prone to water or liquid to avoid risk of accidental falls.

In order to protect the tiles from chemical attacks and corrosive agents, we normally recommend the installation of glazed porcelain tiles, which are more resistant against alkaline, acid, water and stain due to the additional glazed layer and yet possess the same advantages as full-body porcelain tiles.

We also offer extra range of features, such as beveled and coved skirting together in external and internal coved pieces. Our industrial ceramic tile solutions are suitable for various loads and special applications, including chemical laboratories, workshops, meat and poultry plants, wineries, soft drink plants, confectionery plants, workshops and factories, among other industrial applications.

They’re easy maintenance glazed or unglazed industrial tiles that come with the right specifications and thickness to guarantee worker safety in your premises. These tiles are versatile in applications that they can also be installed in pharmaceutical, chemical plant and food industry plants. They are not just heavy duty, but they are also highly recommended for industrial use with the wide range of designs, colours including white, brown, grey and yellow and of shapes, sizes and textures to match each of their own design and specification.

For all industrial ceramic tile solutions you require, our company is your one-stop source! Get in touch with us for quality, affordability, style and durability you can trust.

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