Through-body porcelain tiles are commonly referred to as homogeneous tiles or unglazed porcelain tiles, as opposed to glazed porcelain tiles. They are produced at very high temperatures and this makes them very dense, hard and impervious to water. Engineered to be as durable as granite, they are perfect as flooring material for residential and commercial buildings. They are also ideal for exterior wall surface because they are hard-wearing and highly resistant to moisture. This same water-proof quality makes them ideal for kitchen, bathroom and toilet application.

Price of homogeneous tiles

Homo Tiles PriceHomogeneous tiles in Singapore are typically sold in price per square foot (or psf), varying in price from $2 to $4 psf. The actual price of tiles varies depending on the size, pattern, brand and country of origin. Homogeneous tiles are normally available in the following sizes, given in millimetres: 200×200, 300×300, 300×600, 600×600, and so on and so forth. If you are interested in a particular type and size of homogeneous tiles for your home or office, we can further assist you by providing you an estimated quotation of the tiles you need.

You may simply contact us, provide us with the surface area you want tiled and the type of tiles you have in mind, and we will give you the estimate. The area you provide us may be expressed in square feet (sqft) or square meters (sqm). Our estimated quotation will be based on this area, either as the total price of tiles for the area provided or as price per square foot (psf) or price per square meter (psm). Please specify whether you are purchasing only the tiles or both the tile materials and installation, so that the corresponding installation cost can be incorporated in the final sum. We have a wide selection of homogeneous tiles for you to choose from, and those offered on promotion are very affordable.

An option cheaper than other surface covering materials

Homogeneous tiles cost can be cheaper than most materials for the following reasons:

• It is cheaper than ceramic tiles in the long run because if you spread the initial cost over the tiles’ life span in years, you will get a lower cost per year.

• The same is true if comparison is made with wood surfaces. With the same warmth afforded by wood, glazed porcelain tiles designed to look like wood will outlive wood threefold.

• Compared to marble, slate and other natural stone tiles, homogeneous tiles mimicking the look of any of these materials will cost much cheaper and perform equally well or even better. There’s no question, too, that they attain the look and ambiance desired for the space where they are installed.

• Unlike stone materials, homogeneous tile do not need to be sealed or polished. Maintenance will be much simpler and cheaper then, that there’s actually no competition. Install and lay the tiles with strict observance of minimum tile gaps to allow expansion and contraction. Seal gaps with matching grout to enhance the tiles’ appearance.

• While other surface materials will need immediate replacement once chipped or cracked, the uniform-based body from top to bottom of homogeneous tiles makes any imperfection less noticeable to the naked eye. Hence, they don’t entail additional cost for unnecessary replacement.

We provide a whole array of products and solutions

20150228_142529Obviously, homogeneous tiles offer solutions that other materials don’t. This makes them ideal for most of your home renovation projects, house improvement, new floor tile installations to your flat or condo unit, and change in the design concept of your home interiors or bedrooms. We have complementing borders, décor and trims, so you can be assured of a complete look on your tile project. Designers and homeowners will truly appreciate the flexibility that our tiles offer in terms of wide applicability, price range and effect or look.

You may contact us or visit our showroom for the products and services that we offer. Our tile products are sourced from trusted suppliers to ensure quality at an affordable price. We have offered some products on sale to meet your budgets and needs. Items purchased in big volumes may also be offered on special discounts. We will gladly give you our price quotations; simply provide us the area or the size of the floor or wall that you wish to install tiles on.

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