What an ideal flooring material is

Your flooring material needs to be durable enough to withstand the expected foot traffic it was designed for. It must be durable enough for hard-soled shoes and heavy traffic if it were intended for commercial areas. On the other hand, a flooring material that does not require complicated cleaning and maintenance is definitely hygienic for children and suitable for residential areas. The floor of any interior living space is one of its two widest surfaces, the other being the wall. As such, its design, size and finish contribute significantly to the overall effect of that space. The kind of floor material to use in every design concept, therefore, is a major consideration whether you’re tiling a room in the house, undertaking a full renovation, or building a new project.

The flooring material that has the strength

Homogeneous TilesHomogeneous tiles are the best tiles for floor coverings. They are made of special clays and other materials fired at temperatures exceeding 1500-degrees centigrade, resulting to tiles that have exceptionally high bending strength, low water absorption (close to 0%), and high resistance to wear. These properties make them perfect for heavy duty floor areas that have a high number of people walking about on a regular basis, such as shopping malls, commercial centers and other areas open to the public. It can be installed in any indoor places or outdoor areas like corridor, patio and garage. Observe the minimum gap required in laying homogeneous floor tiles, which is between 1mm and 2mm, to allow for normal expansion and contraction, and application of the specified adhesive and grout to ensure prolonged life and aesthetics of the tiles installed.

High water resistance that’s perfect for frequently wet areas

Floors that are frequently exposed to water, such as swimming pool decks, kitchens, showers, balconies, bathroom and laundry, require homogeneous tiles. Engineered to be denser than ceramic tiles, these special tiles are harder than other tiles and have incredible resistance to water. This impervious quality will take your mind off such issues as decay of floor materials, staining and warping. Unlike wood, it’s simply about installing these tiles and forgetting about the whole thing because they last generations.

Versatility that blends with your design

Homogeneos Floor TilesHomogeneous tiles can provide you the look of marble, granite, slate and other natural stone tiles and also the strength that your particular design calls for. Apart from their ability to mimic various looks, these floor surfaces can be dented or damaged on the surface and still keep the face. Unlike glazed porcelain tiles, which have a glazed top layer, homogeneous tiles have a body that is uniform throughout. What you see on top is essentially the same underneath, so the tile’s colour and overall appearance will not be substantially changed by a chip or normal wear-and-tear. They are available in a variety of looks, age and art, that make them highly applicable as floor cover for whatever structure you build.

All those and the ease of keeping them

Homogeneous tile flooring are hardy and beautiful, and they’re easy to keep, too! Owing to the tiles’ impervious and stable property, stains and chemicals are easily wiped out. They do very well with regular cleaning and wiping. Marble and granite tiles need to be regularly sealed or polished; you can certainly attain the same look minus the costly maintenance required with homogeneous tiles.

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