Ceramic tiles are very versatile in terms of applicability and use, and are widely available in various colors, looks, sizes, textures, finish, and shapes. They’re not only fashioned in the usual square and rectangular shapes; they’re now available even in unique hexagon and octagon shapes, too!

• Intricate shape but simple installation

decorative or pattern or Hex or Floor or ArtTiles with more intricate shapes, such as circles, octagons and hexagons, are often manufactured as mesh-mounted mosaic tiles for ease of installation. They are then laid as interlocking squares, much the same way as laying regularly-shaped ceramic tiles. Mosaics are not only beautiful; they also represent an architectural era when tiling involved the intricate art and painstaking method of mounting tiles with so much detail. Modern technology has simplified the application process, but the inspiration lives on with the creative impact provided by these patterned mosaic tiles. The mesh makes it easier for you to install without being slowed down by the irregular shape and complicated patterns.

• Clean look yet stunning effect

IMG_4621Allow us to recommend to you our collection of hexagon ceramic mosaic tiles, also known as honeycomb ceramic tiles. We will help you mix and match hexagon shapes into your tile patterns to add interest to your home or office improvement project. A field of beige or glossy white subway tiles, for instance, is great for achieving a clean and elegant wall. Laid repeatedly, however, the design can be rather monotonous. You can enhance this design by using hexagonal ceramic mosaic tiles with black floral patterns to blend perfectly with the horizontally laid rectangles. You get the same immaculate clean look on your backsplash or wall, but with that striking add-on.

• Play with colors and tones

hexagonYou may choose from our collection of multi-colored hexagonal ceramic tiles to create decorative effects on simple designs. Contrast a red fixture or vibrant color tiles with the glossy black or matte white hex shapes. Highlight a bathroom predominantly tiled with natural stone using the warm tones of marble or slate hexagon mosaic tiles to exude a tranquil and fresh character to the bath. The hex ceramic tiles are perfect as shower floor, wall, trims or border around mirrors or décor. Glazed porcelain mosaic must be your preferred material for wet areas in the kitchen and bathroom, and the inner walls and floor of your swimming pool. Unglazed mosaic tiles are your best option for often walked-on areas, because they are more resistant to wear and moisture. The tiny hex shapes mosaic tiles add to the floor’s traction, too.

• Versatility at an affordable cost 

20150107_102621_Hexagon Mosaic_Black & WhiteThe elegant style and ornate beauty inspired by these honeycomb shape mosaic tiles have become popular among designers and architects. They are very versatile, and applications in commercial establishments, like restaurants and shops, are as common as in residential buildings. These products are favorites among our customers for installation in their kitchens, dining areas, bathrooms and other indoor rooms, as well as outdoor flooring. Since they complement visually with other materials and accessories, such as metal, glass, or silver, they’re very easy to incorporate in a variety of designs ideas, whether contemporary or retro. By keeping the price affordable for you, we know that it can’t get any better than that.

• High performance low maintenance

Hexagon mosaic porcelain tiles are durable and highly-resistant to rust, stain, fading, water and extreme heat. They’re easy to maintain, too, requiring only the usual cleaning with soap and water. That makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations.

We have made it easy and affordable for you to order and buy from our full selection of hexagon ceramic tiles. New products arrive from our trusted suppliers regularly to ensure customers of adequate supply and consistent quality. Browse through our website or visit our showroom for our range of products and services. Our staff and company representatives have made it their personal commitment to make your every visit worthwhile.

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