Nothing could match the ageless beauty and rustic charm of hardwood used on most traditional homes and structures. Their unique grain, swirling patterns, warm tones and smooth texture used to evoke elegance and feelings that no other construction material has ever been able to replicate – till wood-effect ceramic tiles came in, that is. The ceramic tile industry undoubtedly made a major breakthrough when it started producing porcelain ceramic tiles that realistically mimicked hardwood.

Beauty of real wood, only better

Bathroom FloorThis product has the natural elegant look of wood, but none of the problems that accompanied it. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are moisture-resistant materials, require low and uncomplicated maintenance, and have wear-resistant surfaces. Hardwood-look porcelain tiles obviously make very practical choice because of these properties not found on wood. They can also be installed in areas not typically recommended for real wood, such as the basement, bathroom, shower, laundry, patio and deck. They’re resistant to stains and chemicals, too; so they’re practical even for kitchen, office and retail shop installations.

Real wood has a richness that is stunning when used as a flooring material, but it does not have a very high bearing capacity. Tiles designed for use as floor covering, such as porcelain tiles with PEI of 4-5, will stand wear and tear beautifully.

Countless possibilities, practicality at its best

These tiles may spell luxury with their looks, but they are actually easy on the budget. The variety of sizes, colors, styles, prices and types available promise countless possibilities. With the innovation, worries about damages to the floor because of spills, stains and rain have become a thing of the past. These surfaces clean in a dash, too!

The use of this lasting surface material that looks like hardwood is not limited to residences and living spaces for the family. This trend is fast gaining popularity for commercial projects, too. In a shopping mall, for instance, splashes of wood on surfaces dominated by glass and metallic materials add visual appeal. And since these hard-wearing materials possess unusual moisture-resistance, dent resistance and scratch resistance properties, they are convenient for use in businesses and high-traffic areas.

HardwoodThe texture of wood blends well with modern and contemporary interior designs. It creates a contrast that balances with metals and sheer surfaces. Hardwood ceramic tiles work equally well as main materials in a room to evoke rustic or age effect. A bedroom becomes warmer and more intimate. Patio floors or walls, garden pavers and other outdoor features increase their visual outlook with the use of hardwood ceramic tiles.

Proper installation makes it possible to attain a look that is as close as possible to the real thing. In designs that call for the use of ceramic hardwood planks, choose a collection that has as many possible variations of grain patterns. Care must be taken that the same patterns in a particular selection are not laid down close to each other; at the same time, maintaining as much randomness as possible.

Experience the timeless beauty of hardwood and enduring reliability of porcelain in one material! The durability, decorative value and affordable price of hardwood ceramic tiles make them the easy choice for installing interior and exterior finishes; for enhancing the appearance of rooms in the house; for showcasing new products and ideas in business establishments; or for simply attaining that ageless look of wood. Come and check out our hardwood line of ceramic tiles!

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