Some decorating projects are simply too delicate that only hand-painted tiles can be found suitable for them. A Japanese-inspired tub that needs cherry blossoms on red field tiles, for example, cannot be completed without art tiles made purposely for that design. Only tiles painted by artists can fill an aesthetic need like that.

Unique and personalized

20150406_192347Do you have original ideas on tiles that you are eager to see on your walls and floors, but you don’t exactly know how to find or where to buy them? Your best bet would be our company. Our artists and suppliers will translate your designs to handmade accent tiles or murals depending on your specifications. We combine ceramic tile making and painting to bring you artwork on tile canvas. Art décor should not only adorn walls of living and dining rooms; lovely hand crafted tiles can also facelift dreary backsplashes and kitchen counters. Handpainted tiles are baked under high temperature for long lasting colours and also to protect it from water and stain. Handmade accent tiles are unique and you can use them as a stamp of identity on your bedroom and private nooks.

Variety of themes and category

There are as many themes and art categories as there are artists in the tile industry. Art knows no bounds; hence, there are unlimited possibilities in these decorative tiles. The range of themes includes animals, flowers, landscapes, seascapes, food, water, farm, birds, humans, abstracts, geometric shapes, and many more. They take inspiration from various cultural influences and eras, such as Moroccan or renaissance period art. With our artists and suppliers, rest assured that we can turn your own ideas and images into the custom tiles that you want. Customers’ individual tastes are opportunities for us to produce authentic art embedded in tiles.

Durable, artistic and versatile

20150406_192336Ceramic tiles are known for their resistance to wear and other external factors. They are hard-wearing and versatile for many applications. They can be used practically everywhere – from the bathroom in your home to the bespoke mosaic panel in a restaurant. You need not choose between durability, versatility and artistic flair – just choose hand-painted ceramic tiles, and you get all three qualities. Floral tiles are perfect for the quaint little kitchen in your cottage; geometric tiles are great around the fireplace and kitchen backsplash; vintage relief tiles lend a haunting effect on hotels or heritage houses. You may specify unusual colors, sizes and patterns for shops, shopping centres, restaurants and other areas used for commercial purposes. The advantage of hand painted tiles is the unlimited palette of colors and colorful designs that you can choose from.

Budget-friendly and flexible

As mentioned, our hand-painted tiles are customized to your specifications. This includes customization according to your budget, too. We are flexible enough to work around pre-agreed costs. Decorative surface tile products don’t need to be very expensive. Some customized tiles may even sell lower than imported tiles. Mediterranean effect tiles, for instance, may be replicated using cheaper ceramic materials. Such tiles can be installed on archways to attain attractive and timeless flair on otherwise ordinary-looking patio; they can even be made to look like traditional Moroccan courtyards at a fraction of the budget.

Your home is special and we are here to help you turn a boring old interior into a new exciting space! Conversely, we can also turn a modern home into a classic beauty. All we need is your idea; we provide the expertise to give you high-quality hand-painted tiles. Give us a call and let’s get our artists started on their masterpiece!

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