Are you looking for the most durable tiling material for your floor, countertop, walls or wall cladding? Then search no farther than our granite stone tile products. We have a full collection of natural stone materials including marble and granite for your tile installation and renovation projects.


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The igneous rocks
Granite tiles are made from igneous rocks called granite. Granites, which are often quarried as blocks or slabs, are coarse-grained rocks hardened from underground magma through a slow-cooling process. They are then cut and polished from these dimension stones to become construction materials and tiles. The grains of granite are more visible and harder than marble, and they are often preferred for their attractive appearance and impressive strength.
How hard are granite tiles?
Granite mainly consists of quarts, feldspar and other minerals and this lends it its superior strength with hardness classified as 7 in a scale of 10. Diamond has a hardness of 10, being the hardest. This means that only stones with hardness of 8-10 can scratch or cause a dent on granite materials. These highly-durable tiles are resistant to drop-impact, stains, heat, abrasion and scratches. These characteristics make them popular as flooring for places with unusually high foot traffic, such as hotels, restaurants, outdoor spaces, and commercial facilities. In home designs, this solid tile material has become a favorite for parts of the house that are subjected to heavy use, such as countertops, foyers, hallways, living room and stairs.
How visually impressive are granites?
Think of Mount Rushmore – with proper handling and use, granites can be as unique and valuable as those granite sculptures! A typical granite rock has coarse grains that visibly show the speckled texture and color of the minerals present. An elegant combination of natural coloration and vein patterns results. Thus, granite floor tiles are not only tough but incredibly beautiful as well, with their crystalline and granular appearance. The crystallization of granite involves various amounts of minerals resulting to a range of color combinations on the granite formed. Generally light-colored or white with speckles of red, brown, grey, blue or green, granite tiles can also have dark tones ranging from darker grey to black tones. Blue pearl or golden pearl granite tiles exude unmatched luxury, while black galaxy granite tile spells impeccable perfection. These grained stone tiles are excellent materials for eye-catching vanities, decorative flooring or staircase.
How practical is granite?
Granite may not be the cheapest material for your counter or table top. It remains a favorite surface material or flooring, however, simply because it is practical to invest in it. Naturally inert, it resists weathering and lasts several generations - becoming cheaper in the long term. It is resistant to water, stains and abrasive matters, has a natural antibacterial quality, and requires simple maintenance. Granite floorings exposed to hot climates also remain cooler because they are heat-resistant.

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