Porcelain tiles are classified as either glazed or unglazed. Unglazed porcelain tiles are full-body tiles or homogeneous tiles with the same color running through their entire thickness. Glazed tiles don’t have this characteristic; instead, they have a thin coat (called “glaze) of color and design applied on the front or top surface. The glaze, which is actually liquefied glass, does not only lend the tile its glossy outer appearance, but also makes it more highly resistant to water and stain.

The same durability and imperviousness

Glazed porcelain tiles are definitely as durable as their unglazed counterpart, but are sold at much lower cost. They are the inexpensive alternative to homogeneous, slate or natural stone tile materials and are much more durable than regular ceramic tiles. It is important to note that glazed tiles are different from polished tiles. The production of porcelain tiles involves firing of special clays and minerals at extremely high temperatures, and these result to tiles that are very dense, hardwearing and impervious.

Porcelain tiles, whether glazed or unglazed, have very low water absorption rate. This makes them the practical choice for areas that are often wet, such as, pool, shower, bathroom, backsplash, sink and the kitchen. It is true that glazed tiles can be quite slippery when wet, so designers often specify matte or textured finish for such areas. Because they are easy to clean, they have become popular for outdoor flooring installations in residential spaces, such as roof terraces, decks and patios that are exposed to dust, the sun and rain. Their strength makes them ideal for commercial areas and public buildings which are subjected to high foot traffic and heavy use, such as entryways, hallways, malls or restaurants.

Versatile and low maintenance

Glazed Porcelain tilesOur showroom displays the versatile quality of glazed porcelain tile products. A room designed in the contemporary style is kept together by strategically blending metallic, natural stone, glass and hardwood materials. These materials can be quite costly; fortunately, porcelain tiles are available in various looks and this significantly lowers the cost of most projects. Wood-look tiles are available in rectangular shapes or planks. Bathroom floors, then, can have the luxurious and textured look of hardwood, but with a material that is more durable, easier to clean and more hygienic.

We have Italian glazed porcelain tiles looking like tumbled marble, wood grain, slate or travertine stones that speak of luxury. While we make sure that these are truly made-in-Italy and expensive-looking tiles, we offer them at reasonable price points. They are available in shapes of square and rectangle in various sizes, color and finish. With their durability and moisture-resistance, they are often picked by designers and developers for outdoor flooring, bathroom wall and floor installations, and other living spaces.

IMG_5564 Affordable tiles and easy installation

As you well know, glazed tiles are cheaper than unglazed tiles. With our product line from China, we assure you of budget tiles that do not compromise quality. There’s a variety of designs to choose from. While they’re easier on the pocket, they’re easy on the knees, too. The process of laying glazed tiles, whether in a new installation or a renovation project, is as simple and easy as in unglazed tiles.

Our company will be glad to assist you in estimating your tiling project. We also offer installation ideas and tips to make your project less stressful for you. For instance, very intricate patterns in the tiles you choose may make a small room look busier or more cramped than it actually is. The same effect results by using very small sizes of tiles because too many grout joints can be too distracting for a small space. Use simple patterns and light colors, such as white, cream or beige. You will have more options in large spaces where you may stylishly accentuate furniture or define traffic flow with black or dark grey tiles.

You won’t believe what we have in store for you! Glazed porcelain tiles are available in great variety and style that you will most certainly find the ideal look for that dream project you want started. Picking the right tiles has never been easier. Not only that – we’ve made it easier budget-wise, too. Tiles are offered at retail or wholesale prices; either way, you can be assured the best value for your money.

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