Glass ceramic tiles were first used in the 15th century as mosaic tiles installed on windows of many important architectural structures. The colourful and intricately-designed windows made cathedrals and mansions more imposing. Religious images and décor were fashioned out of the iridescent glass materials in prominent colours or red, green and gold.

Designers of modern residential and commercial buildings use glass tiles in various ways. The artistic play of light and colours that translucent glass provides make it ideal for the following applications.

Versatility of Glass Tiles

Feature walls made up of glass tile mosaic brighten up an otherwise uninteresting room. Glass tile mosaic brings another dimension to a room because of its texture and visual character. They are so versatile and can be played with to create both vibrant and subdued feel to an interior. An eye-catching glass tile feature wall that faces the sitting area or forms a backdrop of a fireplace can be a very effective conversation piece. Designers can also use glass tiles in mute hues and visuals to create a quiet space in the bedroom, a spa room, or the study.

Glass tiles have stunning decorative effects and are often installed in unique patterns to break the monotony of hallways, foyers and other living spaces. They easily blend with regular ceramic tiles and other background wall and floor surfaces to provide focal accents. They may also be used on their own to highlight a room feature, such as a vanity or a backsplash.

Areas to Install

The inherent water-resistant and iridescent qualities of glass tiles make them ideal for kitchen backsplashes, showers, pools, toilets, laundry, bathtub surrounds and other parts of the house that are often wet. The fact that they are easy to clean makes them hygienic and the best choice for the kitchen, pantry, countertops and sink areas.

Bathrooms, kitchens, breakfast nooks and other surfaces with detailed recesses benefit most from glass tiles because of the multitude of sizes and shapes available commercially. They come in glossy, matte or frosted finishes and in bright, opalescent, metallic, or opaque colours. It offers ease of installation with shapes moulded on fiberglass mesh sheet and cut for flat and curved surfaces.

Glass tiles offer great design ideas for home interiors, but they are equally stunning for outdoor projects. Slip resistant glass tiles are preferred for pools because they beautifully combine with water and sunlight to create unique radiant effects. They are tolerant to damages brought about by chemically-treated water, frost and stains, making them last longer than other types of tiles. Various glass tile collections allow homeowners and designers to use glass tiles in showcasing garden water features, photo-like murals and outdoor sculptures.

Highlight and make your home stand out with our glass ceramic tile collections. Use them to create décor, borders and trim, focal point or mosaic wall. Whether you wish to achieve rustic elegance, or attain more contemporary style, our tiles will help you bring in art, colour and light.

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