Designer ceramic tiles are a special line of ceramic tiles that expresses a design statement both fashionable and authentic. They carry a signature quality that is detectable at once, and brings the distinction between simply beautiful to stunningly stylish.

• Tiles that lend sophistication to the ordinary

DesignerWhether you’re renovating or installing tiles in your bathroom, bedroom or kitchen, we have designer tiles to help you make that room stand out from the rest of the house. These tiles will provide the flawless finish to a residential or commercial project. They draw attention to the classic look of glass tiles or the clean lines evoked by Italian tiles. In areas basking under natural light, such as the garden or deck, or where white color dominates the background, designer tiles break the monotony and bring various design elements together.

• Evolved through time

Our collection of designer tiles depicts a wide range of architectural periods and themes – from the Victorian and Edwardian era and the high-fashion Tudor and French influences, to the geometric shapes of Art Deco and the more contemporary original concepts of today.

• Classic inspiration

Embossed Victorian designer ceramic tiles are great for bringing out the traditional feel to a living space, such as elegant mosaic borders following the contour of a vintage fireplace feature or blending with antique accessories in the shower. French Provincial borders are the perfect design to help create the European ambiance in a home or office. We can replicate the era you want to evoke; tiles can even be custom-made or handmade to the style, look, colour and size you specify.

• Contemporary creativity

Bathroom Wall_1Geometric shapes and vivid Art Deco borders suggest mysticism to modern styles. Glossy or in soft matte finish, they become artful accents to a plain backsplash, decorative frame to a mural, or unique glazed mosaic patterns along the swimming pool water line. Porcelain tiles are known for their durability, simple installation and maintenance requirements, and water- and stain-resistance. This makes them highly preferred for various applications, including borders and edges for the wall and floor, or pavement leading to a garden décor or outdoor mural.

• Turn dream to reality

With a full array of designer ceramic and porcelain tiles, it’s easy to turn your dream home to reality. Whether you have in mind a full scale construction, exterior cladding, interior decorating, or room renovation, you must first decide the look that you want for your project. You can’t have various themes clashing at each other. Visit our showrooms or call us for consultations, we have various services that you may find helpful.

Create that country home in the middle of the metro. Be on top of the trend. Innovative designs and new technology in the industry have made it possible for us to make designs that go beyond merely beautiful. We aim for stunning and extraordinary. Our customers can now avail of the best and the latest in designer ceramic tiles for that unmatched beauty.

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