Most decorative ceramic tiles come as an assemblage of several tiles, although they can also be produced and used as single tile accents. Decorative tiles are images that make a statement or provide the highlight in a field of background tiles. Assemblages are made up of tiny to large tile components that form a big picture or décor. They provide an interesting wall along entryways, a tile mural in a restaurant, or mosaic tiles of marine animals along the inner walls or flooring of a pool.

Interesting colors and textures

decorative or patternAdd pizzazz to your home by giving it an entirely new look. Install decorative tiles of various colors and designs. Colorful tiles and images are sometimes all the decoration that a room needs, with only a modicum of furniture to serve its function. This minimal style will work well in living areas, dining rooms and interior halls.

Decorative tiles are produced in various surface textures – high-gloss, satin and matte. Decorative tiles in white or plain color are made more interesting by adding depth to it, or by carving designs and adding dimension on fresh clay. This results to a unique design idea and a delightful sensorial experience. Glossy glaze serves both as sheer finish and protective cover against the weather. This makes the tiles scratch resistant and guards it against premature fading especially when installed outdoors.

Works of art

Images can be made from inkjet reproduction of paintings and original artworks. They can also be personalized and hand painted. Images painted on decorative ceramic tiles take inspiration from nature, objects, floral patterns, cultural influences, and different periods or era.

Intricate designs

decorative or pattern or Hex or Floor or ArtTaking inspiration from the intricate designs of the walls of the City of Fes in Morocco, patterned ceramic tiles are produced in the Moroccan style to create a unique look. These are very elaborately designed tiles that produce stunning effects on backsplashes, kitchen counters, bathrooms and showers. Use complementing liners to separate the décor from the surrounding area without interrupting the imagery created.

Another type of tiles has a similar mystical appeal. Tunisian decorative ceramic tiles are very beautiful tiles with an exotic flair. They’re perfect for indoor residential spaces. In dining rooms, or halls where you receive guests, these decorative tiles will serve as good conversation pieces. They can fill whole floors or walls, or act as centrepieces, and keep eyes fastened on them for a long while. Interestingly, they look equally striking even as low-profile borders or embellishment on stair risers.

Enhance other features

Whether they’re installed on residential or commercial spaces, they enhance the visual appeal of these spaces. Decorative ceramic tiles add value to other features in the surrounding area, too.

• A fountain can get lost in a vast space; but not with a creative tile work that highlights it. Use tiles that blend with the theme. If the fountain is an antique from the 18th century or an ancient foreign culture, then choose tiles that give justice to the vintage piece or to the rustic land.

• A vibrant and expressive Mexican tile mural, complete with wooden wine casks, will definitely complete the magnetic aura of a hotel bar. You can almost hear the mariachi band playing.

• Mediterranean style tiles can be used to follow the outlines of a fireplace. That will surely bring sun-drenched images of the Mediterranean right to your home.

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Create bold life statements visually – use those decorative tiles to make a point. Why is this so amazing? With our decorative ceramic tiles, you can bring this rich and lavish beauty right to your home at a price that you can well afford!

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