Have you ever thought of using tiles to depict a favourite picture, image or graphic? That’s probably the best way to immortalize it. Tile work, however, can be very painstakingly difficult, especially if the aim is to duplicate an art piece or replicate a particular look. Restoration projects, too, can be quite impossible to accomplish if they involve damaged tiles which cannot be bought anywhere. The good thing there is that custom made ceramic tiles can make difficult projects like those mentioned easier than a jigsaw puzzle.

custom made or mosaic

Design your own tiles

Show us a sketch or tell us about the design you have in mind, and we will make the tiles for you. This is the best way to realize a tile project that you have always wanted but involves tiles you could not buy outright commercially. It’s one thing to bring out your own thoughts and design ideas; it’s another to see them on your walls or floors. Personalized accent tiles define the character of your room or the culture of your office; not to mention that it’s a great way to display your artistic designs. You can create classic patterns complete with decorative borders to define floor areas and function. Highlight a view or decoration using tiles of your own choice and idea. Design your own tiles to look like Oriental rugs – they’re perfect for entryways. What a unique way to welcome guests!

Showcase an artwork

20150406_192347If you have a favourite artwork that is seen only in books, or your child’s masterpiece that you wish to put up as a mural, we can reproduce mosaic tiles to capture the image using digital technology. A small picture can be reproduced to fill the full dimension of a wall and make an outstanding décor in the living or dining room. We also cater to hand painted and handmade ceramic tiles, depending on customers’ wishes. The quaint look of handmade and craft ceramic tiles are perfect for treads on stairways, for areas which visitors see first such as foyers and patio, and for lending personal touch to special corners in the kitchen, shower, bathroom or bedroom. The backsplash can be livened up with a culinary graphic, for instance.

Create beautiful outdoor art

IMG_4650_2Art is to be admired, and what better way to do that than creating outdoor art that guests can marvel at. Add to the value of your landscape by using tiles to adorn an exterior wall facing the garden. Use customized tiles to depict marine imagery on the swimming pool floor. Your designs are fired into the glass layer of porcelain tiles. This not only creates durable tiles and high-gloss graphics, but also protects the tiles from the chemicals in the pool water. Play with colors and themes to suggest tropical ambiance or grand European gardens. Victorian art can be replicated on an outdoor seating area surrounded by garden hedges. Or tiles can be custom made to look like bamboo or wood to cover the surface of your garden furniture.

Announce your business

Don’t limit art to your home; use custom tiles to put up a signage for your business or commercial center. Using white field tiles with your vivid company logo or trademark in customized tiles will definitely catch attention. It is best to specify glazed porcelain tiles for exterior installations to improve wear and weather resistance. A restaurant’s menu can be artistically displayed using craft tiles. Do away with drab posters on your walls; invite your clients with delicious-looking menus and tile images of popular products you carry. By integrating your own design or a common theme in the spaces you use for business, you define your corporate identity. Whether the commercial space is used as a bar, a reception area, an office, an amenity block or a showroom, you may ask your interior designers or architects to incorporate your especially designed tiles to make the overall effect more cohesive.

Design your own tiles, and we will make them for you. Give us a graphic or a photo and the dimension of the mural you have in mind, and we take care of the details. We assure the craftsmanship of our supplier and exceptional quality of our products. Give us a call to avail of our customized products and services which we offer at unbeatably low price!

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