Our Made-in-China line of ceramic tiles is offered in varied colors, finishes, effects and sizes that make them applicable for a variety of installations. They are ideal for interior walls and floors, as well as exterior sidings and other outdoor features exposed to moisture.

We have a comprehensive collection of ceramic tiles imported from Chinese suppliers, featuring high-quality products under various categories and effects. Our manufacturers from China use leading-edge inkjet printing technology to produce the authentic look and professional craftsmanship for tiles that display the characteristics of wood, stone, marble, glass and metallic surfaces. These suppliers are producing tiles for the global market; hence, we assure you that the highest standards are being observed by our industrial partners in the production of these tiles.



Porcelain tiles are naturally more resistant to wear and moisture than ordinary ceramic tiles. They can be glazed or unglazed. Glazed porcelain tiles are ideal for floors, walls and other surfaces that are frequently exposed to water and stain. Their glossy finish adds to their sleek look which is sought after by designers and homeowners to complete the look of their contemporary residential and commercial designs. Unglazed porcelain tiles, also called homogeneous tiles, have matte surface and through-body color. They are extremely wear-resistant and are highly trusted as flooring materials.

Wood-like and other special-effect ceramic tiles

IMG_5517Ceramic tiles that look like wood parquet are great for practically any part of the home or commercial building. Install them on bedroom floors and you have a cozy refuge away from the bustling streets. Put them on hotel rooms or bathroom walls and you have an instant home away from home. A guest would love returning to that room. Installed on the backsplash and counter, they lend a warm feel and rustic familiarity to your kitchen. Metallic tiles create stunning accents if combined with warmer or natural materials, such as stones.

Innovative designs 

Whether you’re looking for a popular design or a unique concept in your tile work, you should check us first. We supply great variety of China-made ceramic tiles – from tiny mosaic pieces to large porcelain tiles. Check out our collection and be inspired in your new project, whether it’s tile installation for a small bathroom, a massive project for an Olympic-size swimming pool, or a simple bedroom mosaic decoration. Combine tiles of contrasting textures and colors to add a new dimension or point of interest to an area.

Visit our showroom and enjoy the freedom of picking the tiles of your choice. We make that even better by offering these tiles at highly-competitive price. Some of our products are currently on sale, so you may realize your projects at a lower cost without compromising quality.

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