As to why ceramic tiles instantly come to mind when it comes to the kitchen, the reason is quite easy to understand. The kitchen, being the only room at home endlessly used for preparing food, cooking, baking and dining, receives the most amounts of dirt, grime, oil and all sorts of stains – on its wall, floor, countertop, the sink and almost every space within.

brickDespite the issues with dirt, there is no house that is without a kitchen, the hub of home where the family gathers every dinner time. The products that meet the requirements when it comes to exceptional quality and value are no other than ceramic tiles. The design range can meet all kinds of requirements any builder may have where kitchens are concerned. As such, there is the perfect tile for residential or commercial kitchen needs.

The many advantages include:

♦ Ease of cleaning

Because the cooking area is subjected to all sorts of dirt, keeping it clean could become a hassle. But if the cooking space is protected by ceramic tiles, stains and odors are resisted, the area is easy to clean. And because tiles have features that can stay strong despite heat (they are heat resistant) and water (also moisture resistant), it will do well to have tiles installed in either dry or wet kitchen.

♦ Versatility

Kitchen backsplash_2With unlimited textures and finishes available, tiles serve as accessories and protection at the same time. A slate look ceramic tile which replicates the earthy beauty of rock is the perfect choice for kitchen floor as it not only adds a nature sense to the space but the different shades it possesses can hinder the visibility of dirt substances. For wet areas where safety is a concern, matte or unglazed finish is ideal. Versatile as they are, ceramic tiles may be used on almost every surface in the kitchen: walls and floors, countertops and kitchen backsplash area which is the place between the countertops and cabinets. No matter what the interior may be, you can find the style to go with it: traditional, country or modern for a more stylish appeal. Mosaic tiles are another option for decorative purpose since they can be arranged diagonally or by offsetting the tile end joints to create interesting patterns.

♦ Hygienic and environment friendly

Subjected to everyday exposure to dirt and wetness, the kitchen could be susceptible to bacteria and allergens. But since this is where food is prepared, hygiene maintenance is highly important. Both issues can be dealt with using ceramic tiles. The materials used in their manufacture don’t retain substances that can cause health and environment issues and concerns.

Beauty with character is a must in every kitchen but it has to be functional at the same time. Durable tiles can be the best application on surfaces any customer with the most discriminating taste for exciting yet colorful features.

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