Backsplashes are usually referring to the area between the kitchen countertops and the kitchen cabinets. Since backsplash designs are like works of art, it can be used to make kitchens look more stylish and attractive. In fact, you can mostly see backsplashes embedded in the walls of a modern kitchen. Oftentimes, a backsplash design would blend well with the design of the counter tops, cabinets, kitchen wall tiles and kitchen floor tiles but it also becomes a focal point in the kitchen area. In addition to being a design element in the kitchen, another purpose of a backsplash is to protect the walls behind counters and kitchen sink. With that in mind, it is a must for home owners to find a type of tile that would not just complement the look of your kitchen but one that is able to protect the kitchen area as well. In this regard, a ceramic tile is the ideal tile for your backsplash.

Why Ceramic Tiles Are The Perfect Choice For Your Backsplash?

kitchen backsplashCeramic tiles offers different qualities that make it a perfect backsplash tile as compared to all the other types of materials out there. The main reason why ceramic tiles are recommended for back splashes application is the fact that it is a better and practical option since it has a lower price than marble, stone, granite or glass. Glazed ceramic tiles also have water resistance property, making it the best choice to protect from water or oil spilled when cooking. Aside from the fact that it can safeguard kitchen walls against damage from moisture or water, it is also washable, stain resistant and very easy to clean. With the use of water or mild detergent, ceramic tiles will look new again! As compared to stone tiles which are difficult to cut into the perfect shape, ceramic tiles are very easy to install because of its light weight and comes with shapes and sizes that can fit a backsplash well. For proper installation, you would need assistance of a professional tiler. Lastly, ceramic tiles can be able to create satisfy design ideas as it is available in a wide range of colors, shape, size and finish, making it easy for home owners to mix and match.

The Unique Atmosphere That Only Ceramic Tiles Can Create

With the use of ceramic tiles, any hoKitchen backsplash_4me owner can be able to set a tone in the kitchen room. Anyone can easily achieve a classic, contemporary, rustic and elegant inspiration depending on the type and color of ceramic tiles used. Subway ceramic tiles can create a simple classic appearance. On the other hand, quality ceramic tiles with pattern create a contemporary design. For a less common and more creative decoration, you can choose to use ceramic tiles with mural, printed photo and classic art. Using glass mosaic tile is the most elegant way to fill an empty white space. Last but not the least, using accent tiles is the perfect way to decorate rustic looking kitchens.

A Glimpse on Ceramic Tiles Installation

Kitchen backsplash_2Regardless if you are planning to build or to renovate your kitchen, the different sizes, colors and designs of ceramic tiles is undeniably essential for you. How your backsplash will look all depends on the creativity of you or your designer. To make the kitchen area look more spacious, you can opt for ceramic tiles with lighter colors or exhibit a horizontal pattern. On the other hand, you can set square tiles in a diagonal pattern to achieve a stunning a checkerboard backsplash design. Border tiles can be used to create contrast between the other kitchen surfaces and your backsplash.

The versatility, durability and decorative options that ceramic tile products provide allows you to shy away from common backsplash designs and draws you closer to a more unique and attractive design and ultimately, helps you improve the overall look of your kitchen.

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