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Every home or office has one bathroom or more and it is necessary that just like the rest of the areas, it has a look that is more than just presentable. Giving it an appealing look doesn’t begin and end with expensive fixtures and other bath stuff. It has to be able to endure everyday use and abuse.

Bathroom_1Being a significant part of the house that requires attention, ceramic tiles are a major addition in any bathroom. Below are some of the reasons why tiles remain a popular choice for surface materials for this major house section.

• Moisture resistant – no bathroom would survive everyday use that would mean endless moisture and wetness using wood or other materials that cannot stand constant water.

• Durable – the shower area is a space that has to remain hygienic yet durable and only tiles can qualify to have both features.

Non slip – ceramic tiles also feature slip resistant finishes, an important consideration for slip prone areas. This safety concern is easily addressed by unglazed bathroom floor tiles.

Many Ways to Decorate a Bathroom

The range of choices for bathroom ceramic tiles is so wide that any design is sure to be realized. Projects for hotels or residence, new or renovation or a simple remodel, there is the kind of tile to match a theme.

marble or marble look 1• Bathroom glass tiles – perfect for enclosing a freestanding shower area; decorative at the same time.

Wood look – tiles that are great for rural effect or for bathrooms where wood is the main theme. For other themes, there is marble look, stone look or slate look to match.

White or beige tiles – any gorgeous bath will look brighter with tiles in these shades. During the day, such color can help maximize the use of natural light.

• Large tiles – provide visual value that can help create a wide, roomy look; a perfect solution for smaller sized baths.

• Customized tiles – for designs that are unique to the owner. Bathroom wall tiles boasting of unique style being custom made create an atmosphere that transform the traditional to modern uniqueness that speaks of class.

These are the products that offer so many designs, colors, shapes, textures or sizes. It would be easy to bring to life a rather dull and boring bathroom. The use of ceramic tiles in bathrooms can help provide certain designer looks yet with durability that is worth the investment but uncomplicated to maintain.

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