The perfect bathroom floor should feel comfortable underfoot, have low porosity and good traction especially when wet, and have the look that complements the other materials used.

Ceramic tiles offer an entire range of floor solutions

Homogeneous TilesCeramic tiles are the ideal choice for floor surfaces because of the following properties.

• High durability – they are hard-wearing and can endure various levels of foot traffic.

• Low porosity – they are highly resistant to water and stain.

• Availability in a variety of appearance – they are produced to mimic the look of marble, travertine, slate, granite and hardwood. Highly-advanced inkjet technology is used to attain an effect that is extremely realistic.

• Versatility of usage – aside from the different simulated looks, ceramic tiles are available in various sizes, shape, colors, textures and finish. This makes them versatile for use in any tiling layout and applicable to different living spaces.

• Ease of installation – they are easier to cut and install than natural stone.

• Low maintenance – they are easy to maintain; no special cleaning required; no sealing or polishing required.

• Cost effectiveness – the combined cost of the tiles and tiling supplies, professional fees and installation labor, maintenance and repair is far cheaper than the cost for other types of flooring. If we further factor in the lifespan of this durable material, this redounds to a very cost-effective flooring system.

Porcelain tiles have superior qualities

For spaces that have special requirements, such as bathrooms and showers, porcelain offers more solutions. Porcelain tiles clearly have an edge over other flooring products. Compared to regular ceramic tiles, they are denser, harder and have lower porosity and water absorption (as low as 0.5%), making them highly suitable for bathroom floors and laundry areas.

Pick up the best ceramic tiles for your bathroom floor

Bathroom FloorDifferent baths have different specifications. Make judicious planning before deciding on your final set of tiles. This is true whether you are planning for a small bathroom adjacent to your bedroom, an en suite bath for a hotel room, one that has a bath tub, or a multiple-bathroom in a commercial building. The following tips may come handy for you:

Mosaic tile is popular for floor use, especially in the shower or bath. Other than the usual tiny squares or rectangles, they can also take more trendy shapes, such as tiny hexagons. There are countless choices on mosaics, whether you decide on the vintage or modern inspiration, and they can also be personalized to your preference.

⇒ Small-sized tiles are not necessarily the best option for small In fact, they tend to give the small area a more cramped appearance. Select big tiles and grout that has a color lighter than the color of the field tiles. This will fool the eye and give the impression of a bigger space.

⇒ When doing a remodel, assess your bathroom and its features instead of forcing design ideas you picked up from magazines that may not be applicable to your actual conditions (such as measurements, location of toilet, vanity, basin and sink, among other fixtures). Take advantage of beautiful views and make the most of actual conditions. A bathroom that has a problem with natural lighting can find use in strategically laid out glass tiles to reflect light.

⇒ Play with colors. Use various shades of one color on a surface; this gives depth to a small Use light colors, white or off-white, but break the monotony using variation in texture and material. Accent with mosaic or vintage tile décor. Don’t be limited by the usual grid or straight tiling pattern; tiles can be laid diagonally or randomly for added visual appeal.

⇒ If you are remodelling your bathroom or changing your tiles, it would be the best time to check on the underlayment or subfloor. If it is uneven or damaged, renovate it first. This may entail additional cost. In the long run, however, this will save you from bigger problems, such as cracked tiles and the additional work of having to remove the tiles to repair the material underneath.

Brighten up one of the home’s most important rooms

Proportionately, a bathroom is only a small portion of any home; but, it is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms. It is not only there for hygienic purposes; it has even been elevated to a room where one finds peace and quiet. A relaxing bath or dip in the tub is definitely recharging. Hence, it is one room in the house which constantly undergoes improvement. With ceramic tiles and the wide variety of effects offered, this does not need to be a very difficult or expensive project.

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