Making the exterior and interior part of your home look more decorative is now made easy with the use of ceramic tile murals. This type of tiles can be custom made or handmade and to be installed within or added to the surface of an already existing wall. The making of these tile products all start in finding the perfect design of a tile. A heavily grogged clay is used to achieve the design on the tiles. This can be rolled, flattened and shaped with the use of hands or molded with the use of plaster molds. In order to achieve the desired thickness, wooden spacers are used. After creating the tile, it will then be placed in the kiln for bisque firing. Before, the final design of mural tiles are achieved via hand painting. Today, home owners can choose between painted or printed mural tiles.

For The Love of Ceramic Tiles Murals

IMG_4650Most home owners and commercial establishment owners opt for this type of tiles because it can be able to create different types of design and theme. Ceramic tile murals also come in two types of finish: glossy and matte. Given the fact that it comes in various patterns, style, finish and color, it is used to create a unique look and make any room of the house exhibit its own personality. Additionally, it is also a practical choice as it is very easy to clean while serving the art or visual purpose.

Advantages of Ceramic Tiles Murals

Aside from the fact that this type of tiles can be used to achieve various design ideas, this is a tile of choice of many people because it is very durable. Glazed ceramic tile murals are abrasion resistant and can resist wear and tear even if placed at outdoor areas. Additionally, its heat resistance quality makes it a perfect option for kitchen backsplash as it can withstand the heat from the stove. Being water resistant, it can be used to create works of art in wet and moisture environments like the bathroom, sauna and pool areas. This type of tile is also highly cleanable and would require only a mix of mild detergent and water to get rid of its stains. Since it comes in the same size and shape, installation is made a lot easier. Above all, these tiles are sold at fair pricing, allowing users to enjoy its beauty at low cost.

Bring Beauty To Any Space

With its beauty and durability, ceramic tiles are a popular décor choice for any part of the home. Most home owners create a mural on their kitchen walls, kitchen backsplash, bathroom walls, living room floor or the fireplace. Additionally, it is also commonly used at outdoor areas like the patio, pool, garden landscape or the foyer. Not only mural tiles are installed in a house but it is also widely seen on the floors and walls of commercial areas for examples restaurant, hotel lobby or counter backdrops. Regardless if it is for commercial or residential interior design or outdoor or indoor space, there is a tile mural that is perfect for turning empty walls into a unique artwork.

Ceramic Tile Murals For A Themed Look

Ceramic tile murals are used to project different types of image, making it a perfect choice in creating a themed look for any area of your home. Themes that these tile mural can create range from abstract to contemporary to comical. For your pool area, you can go tropical with the use of tiles with sea life, fish and waves design. On the other hand, a kitchen would look great with a fruits and vegetables inspired ceramic tile backsplash. For a dash of color and a touch of whimsy in your backyard area, create a turtles or mermaid mural. A floral mural design is recommended for bathrooms and patio area.  You can also transcend time and create traditional country themed kitchen backsplash designs with the use of quality ceramic tile murals with animal, roosters, birds, butterflies design.

Whatever theme you have in mind, there is certainly a ceramic tile mural design for you! With this, you can turn your old and dull looking walls into a new and attractive work of art!

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