The typically simple indoor white tiles seen in the bathroom at home or in the kitchen as backsplash have developed to be one of the most practical choices for surface uses with the introduction of mosaic tiles.

A product that has allowed creativity for most wall and floor proposals, designing with tiles has never been more free-reigning with mosaics. Commonly used in smaller areas, they can now be found in other surfaces like the swimming pool, in a school or gym’s changing room, or even in a spa because it can indeed be a work of art with the right design. Typically small squares, mosaic ceramic tiles may be offered arranged on pre-mounted paper or on mesh sheet for easier installation.

A designer’s top choice for their:

1. Shape & Size – The advantage of small size makes mosaic tile a perfect material for assembling intricate designs. Whatever the shape requirement, ceramic mosaic tiles may be customized: square, hexagon, octagon etc to create different patterns for more impressive applications.

2. Finish & Color – various finishes for various needs including smooth, glazed, unglazed, polished, unpolished and textured and different colors too: white, black, blue or a mix of colors that can produce comprehensive patterns like checkerboard. Colorful glass tiles are another popular option when comes to modern interior design ideas.

3. Quality – another reason why they are the best choice for both indoor and outdoor surface designing needs, residential or commercial because they are resistant to cracking.

4. Shade – while the shades of most tiles are influenced by naturally-occurring elements, manufacturers enhance each shade for a more unique result while keeping the natural beauty of each bisque yet remaining to be resistant to stains, molds and other kinds of dirt making them easy to clean.

Whether it is the floor, the wall, the kitchen backsplash, the shower, the fireplace or just about any spot in the house, multi-purpose ceramic mosaic tiles will make a perfect fit even in the most modern designs. With exceptional quality that is stylish yet affordable, any home owner can have the luxury and the advantage of vibrant assortments of mosaic tiles.

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