Ceramic tiles are preferred choices for use as flooring materials because they are moisture resistant and stain resistant. They are also proven to withstand high foot traffic and wear. This functionality is coupled with aesthetic versatility. While all ceramic tiles have these inherent qualities in varying degrees, not all tiles are created equal. So how do you go about choosing your ceramic floor tiles? Generally, you must choose your floor tiles with purpose in mind. More specifically, though, you must consider the following criteria.

The projected foot traffic where the tiles will be located

Floor_1Commercial floors areas are designed to bear much heavier floor traffic than are residential floor areas. Home floor surfaces sustain pressures incomparable to those impacting mall and hotel floors every single day. Within the home, too, some areas bear more weight and traffic than other spaces do. Examples of this are the mudroom, kitchen and patio which are more overloaded than the bathroom, for instance. For these areas, you’d be better off using porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles are floor tiles baked in high temperature resulting to extremely dense materials best-suited for heavy load and foot traffic. The combined hardness and density result to very low water absorption rate and high resistance to cracks. For more long-lasting tiles, use unglazed porcelain or homogeneous tiles. Since this particular type of tile has a through-body bisque, it tends to be more hard-wearing.

The look that matches the design concept

Homogeneos Floor TilesThe versatility of ceramic floor tiles offers you the ease to choose from a wide variety of product lines. The collection of different designs, colours, shapes, patterns, sizes and styles makes it easy for the designer or homeowner to achieve a unique feel for a room. Different shades of wood-look tile flooring materials are popular among retail shops because they exude warmth and create a relaxing, almost homey, effect to customers or buyers. Slate, travertine and marble look tile flooring are effective in enhancing natural settings. They also work in harmony with modern minimalist designs because of their characteristic cool and clean lines. Glass tiles evoke classic beauty reminiscent of the elegant edifices of ancient times. Glazed mosaic patterns add visual appeal to white colour walls mostly found in homes.

Safety, cost of installation and ease of maintenance

Special ceramic floor tiles with non-slip quality are used to ensure safety along areas which are often wet. Mosaic tiles offer good traction, making them the preferred flooring material for swimming pools and bathrooms. Ceramic tiles may initially cost more than vinyl or laminate floor, but the price you pay is offset over the longer life span of ceramic tiles. There’s nothing complicated about ceramic tiles, which calls for nothing but easy cleaning and maintenance. There are no periodic sealing and polishing required unlike tiles that are made of stone. Hence, they come out significantly cheaper than other flooring choices.

Don’t be floored finding the perfect tile for your floor! We keep it simple and practical by providing you an array of ceramic tile products that will suit your every need. You can shop by the look you want – wood, travertine, slate, marble, stone – it can’t get any simpler. Or budget-friendlier, for that matter!

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