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Cleverly applied ceramic accent tiles can spice up homes, offices or outdoor installations. They add character to ordinary rooms and predictable spaces. Newly-built or remodeled homes benefit from strategically placed accent tiles because they achieve the following:

• Draw attention to a building feature. Artfully accented walls can lead the eye to an alcove, for instance. Or it can accent a reading nook carved on a wall or a bar installed in a corner.

• Create a focal point or a conversation piece in a room, such as a mural in a large great room, an artwork or decor in a patio.

• Define one area of the house from another, such as the living room from the dining area.

• Emphasize often unnoticed home features, such as stair risers or an entry to a secret garden.

• Interrupt the uniformity of stone-look tiles. The usual problem with tiles that are manufactured to emulate natural stones – such as marble-look, travertine-effect and slate-look tiles – is the pre-stamped effect that results in repetitive vein patterns. Accents break this uniformity in pattern and reintroduce spontaneity to the overall feel.

• Provide decorative and pleasant surprise to an unexciting space. For instance, an ordinary-looking bathroom can be enlivened by a horizontal band of crystalline glass tiles. A vertical mosaic accent can mimic water falling in the showers.

Different Forms and Functions

IMG_6042♦ Border tiles are narrow lengths of decorative tiles used to finish an edge of a pattern. The installation is accentuated by borders with their complementing colour, texture or material. It’s not surprising to find a border that contrasts with the field tiles. Trim tiles are similar in function. They enclose a layout and provide accent that way.

Mosaic patterns are often applied on walls. This can be used to accent floors, too. Stunning images are created by small tiles. Murals accenting patio grounds and landscapes look especially great if viewed from higher decks or floors. A special type of mosaic tile, called listellos, is used as border for murals, setting off the design from its surrounding wall.

♦ Relief tiles embellish walls by providing unique texture and depth to a tile layout. Their patterns are either embossed or engraved, and this adds another dimension to flat two-dimensional surfaces. This particular type of accent tiles is not recommended for flooring.

♦ Hand-painted accent tiles are quaint additions to traditionally-themed kitchens and backsplashes. They add randomness and warmth to plain tiled walls. Rustic charm is provided by antique or antique-effect accent tiles. Intricate metal crafts lend a unique perspective to certain projects, while floral designs produce a softening effect in bedrooms and other interior spaces.

Glass tiles can be set in various ways – in rows, vertical bands, along edges, unique patterns – to form an accent to surrounding tile work.

When planning a layout, the designer or homeowner must first check the lighting in the space to be tiled. Accents brighten dark areas, so this is a great way to maximize light. Order trims, borders and accents from the same supplier where the field tiles come from. Should there be a problem with finding the best complementing accent, find out our custom-made deco.

Reinvent living spaces with ceramic accent tiles. Turn plain space into your favourite part of the building. Create the look that’s not only beautiful, but also easy to maintain. Spice up life and live in full colour and texture!

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