The famed Pieta of Micheangelo and many other equally stunning Roman art masterpieces were carved from Carrara marble blocks. These blocks are mined from the quarries of Carrara in Italy, and they continue to be used as surface materials for architectural structures – from classic styles to contemporary trends. The opulent and timeless beauty of marble tiles and slabs make them the popular choice of architects for both interior and exterior applications.

Characteristics of Carrara marble

Carrara marble is the product of the metamorphism of limestone with very little mineral impurities. The result is a natural stone with translucent white color, fine-grade texture, faint blue-grey tinge, and soft feathery veins. This Italian marble stone has proven to be very durable and of exceptional quality. Proof of this are the famous Carrara marble landmarks, such as the sculptures and basilicas in Vatican, which have withstood centuries.

Varieties available

Carrara marble ranges in color from white to light cream background, and grey to various colors of streaks or veins. Some refer to this natural stone material as “Carrera” marble which is incorrect, of course. Carrara stones have multiple variations, and this makes it more exciting. Here are two of the more recognized varieties:

Bianco Carrara marble is the most recognized variety, and it is also the most common and the most affordable. It has a greyish tinge and generally linear grey veins.

Carrara Venato or Venatino have whiter background and fewer veins.

Carrara and other marble types

Carrara marble is often confused with Statuario and Calacatta marble because these three types of marble all come from the Carrara region of Italy. Statuario marble is more expensive, with a brighter white color and more restrained veins. Calacatta is whiter than Carrara, but has veins that are bolder and more pronounced. The veining patterns in Calacatta and Statuary marble sometimes have gold flecks or undertones.

Crema Marfil marble may vary from light cream to dark beige. Its light and near-white variations may have a semblance to Carrara marble tiles but the two are different. Crema Marfil originates from Spain.

Popular uses and applications

Carrara marble tiles are produced in polished and honed finishes to suit various uses and applications.

In its polished finish, it can be installed as eye-catching surface covering for bathroom and shower walls, countertop and table top in kitchens and dining areas, vanities in bedrooms, and decorative features in living rooms of residential projects. It is ideal for kitchen surfaces and other areas that need to be kept hygienic.

Carrara marble does not only add style and aesthetic beauty to any surface, it also adds to the coolness when installed as floors. When used as flooring, Carrara marble tiles in honed finish is recommended. For indoor spaces such as living room, bedroom and bathroom floors, honed tiles can adequately serve the purpose. It blends with various colors and materials quite easily, and helps create interesting designs, such as a checkerboard pattern when mixed with black marble tiles.

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