Bricks lend vintage appeal to the face or exterior of a building. The same rustic effect results if applied on interior home spaces. However, if you already have an existing wall that is not brick, you may still attain the same look and feel with brick effect tiles instead. By using brick tiles as a very practical solution, you do away with wasteful demolition and costly renovation. We make available to you a tile products that are not only easy to install, but also tiles that possess all the qualities you want from brick.

Intelligent alternative

Brick or woodBrick tiles are essentially made of the same raw materials as construction bricks; hence, they have the same antique look that you want in a surface. These thin kiln-fired clay tiles possess the exact texture, tone and aesthetic elements of bricks, making them the best alternative to bricks. Without going into the labour-intensive brick and masonry work, you can recreate the retro feel in any room. Brick tiles are also manufactured using cement, stone and sand mixture, which produce a rough textured surface. These tiles are commonly installed on indoor surfaces, although it is not uncommon to find them on outdoor installations. Since brick tiles or brick slips are installed more for decorative purposes than functionality, it is quite common for architects to install them over concrete or cement wall substrates. Should these cement based brick tiles be installed for outdoor surfaces, they usually be coated with a sealer to make them more resistant to dirt and stain.

Wide applicability

Designer or brick or rusticBrick tiles are manufactured in a range of colours, from light shades of cream and yellow to dark hues of red and brown. Brick wall tiles are commonly used indoor to surround fireplaces or as a feature wall in retail shops. Dark brown or grey brick tiles suggest a reclaimed effect to any area in residential or commercial projects. Rectangular white brick tiles are popular type of modern wall decorative materials and are often seen in living room, bedroom or bathroom installations. Brick tiles are sometimes used as external wall cladding, in which case, they must be properly sealed. Contrasting colours, such as white or black, can provide an eye-catching accent to an uninteresting corner in the house.

Interesting design patterns

Make use of the incredible colours of brick tiles. While there is not much variation in the size and shape of brick tiles, they can be installed in interesting patterns. The standard-size rectangular brick tiles can assume the patterns of  herringbone and basketweave. Textures can be smooth or rough. For areas exposed to dirt or grime, it is best to use smooth-finish tiles for ease of cleaning. Smooth-finish ceramic brick tiles, which are also commonly referred to as subway tiles, are popularly used on bathroom walls or kitchen backsplash.

Blends well with other materials

The natural warmth of brick tiles harmonizes with other stones and surface materials, such as slate, travertine, ceramics and terracotta. They are easy to integrate with the owner or the designer’s ideas.

Whether you’re about to design a stunning showroom, or bring your apartment up-to-date with popular trends, the unique reclaimed look of our brick tile products is simply irresistible. They have the character and warmth of genuinely aged brick. What are you waiting for? Get your house a fabulous new look with these old-look tiles!

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