Brick walls and surfaces lend a unique feel to an environment – historic, warm and full of character. There’s too much weight in real brick, though; and bricks are not the easiest to clean or maintain. They are highly porous, and you can imagine how the brick backsplash accumulates grease and dirt in a short time. That’s a problem that’s easily solved by using brick ceramic tiles, instead. You get the traditional look and effect of authentic brick without the weight and bulk of real brick. Add to that the functionality and convenience that the durable ceramic tiles offer, and you get a material that saves you from a lot of headaches.

Interior uses

Unique styles can be created using the various shapes, textures, sizes, colours and finish of brick ceramic tiles in our vast collection. We have made it easy for designers and homeowners to make every room in the house special. A living room with an interior wall clad with brick in the old-fashioned linear pattern evokes images of an era gone by. You’ll get a similar rustic effect with bricks outlining the fireplace. Their natural look will make you forget that they’re actually low-maintenance ceramic tiles, ideal for areas in the home that are often wet or walked on. They’re perfect for the foyer, shower, kitchen, bath, and any wall or floor installation where you need the classic inspiration of the earthen rectangular tile.

Exterior installations

Don’t get stuck with the brick-bond pattern that is normally associated with bricks. These hardy brown rectangles can be laid using many exciting patterns. Use herringbone style for the flooring of your patio. You may opt for a single colour of brick pavers to wind through your garden. Or you may also want to have fun blending colours with the beautiful tones of brick, ranging from cream to beige, to the burnt shade of red. Create charming nooks in your yard where you can entertain family and friends. Since our bricks are actually ceramic tiles, have no fear of stains, wear and tear, or abrasive chemicals. Brick ceramic tiles are totally resistant to all of these. For outdoor floors, specify porcelain with anti-slip quality.

Retro meets modern

IMG_5497Our products are available in the best colours possible. We even have glazed options for you. Our non-traditional brick palette of colours includes white, black, gray, blue and red. Design freely and bring the combination of retro and modern ambiance to your home or work space. Remodel and add interest to a wall in the dining room by covering it with polished black and white brick tiles laid horizontally. This brings to mind a chic image of the London subway tiles and makes a great backdrop to the dining furniture. You may also create a centrepiece or decor using the different sizes and high-gloss colours available by installing them in basket-weave or ladder-bond patterns and their variations.

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